My journey is just beginning! Relaxer = Damage!

So i've been texlaxing my hair since i was in the 4th grade... i'm currently 24 yrs old now. My mom is white and had no idea how to handle my curls.... poor gal. I'm not quite sure what my natural hair texture is but i've noticed in my 3 months no relaxer period it feels super soft and much easier to run my hands through than my current ends. My hair looks like the top is 3c and the back is 3b, super thick. My current growth feels exactly like my 3b hair. I guess time will only tell. My question is, could relaxers make the hair more coarse with smaller curls than what you have naturally?

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You are either:
1. Are not use to your natural hair and are feeling the difference between your natural hair and relaxed hair - lots of curlies have a variety of curl types and textures on their heads, OR,
2. Are feeling scab hair.

You really need to wait a few more months to see what your hair is truly like unless you want to do a big chop.
I'm actually 6 months post relaxer. I thought i did one in the middle of the summer, but i didnt. Not really paying attention to the details of time just going with the flow, but my hair isnt seeming as different as i thought it would. I can barely tell where natural ends and relaxer begins except for the texture. On thursday i'm doing a not so mini chop taking about 6-7 inches off to just above my ears. Will the curls become more visible then...?

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