Heat Damaged Transitioning

Hey guys! I have been transitioning for about six months, (no perm just heat damage) and most of my hair, excluding the roots, hardly has a wave. Its straight and flat. My hair is a 3b/4a combo (4a is around my edges, 3b everywhere else) but my ends are more like a 2 a, and some parts are completely straight. To blend this in, I'm doing braid outs, occasionally bantu knots (I LOVE the way they look but they give me headaches ) and buns. However, due to heat damage, my hair won't hold a braid (& def not twist) and it becomes unraveled. I have been using rubber bands, but its starting to break my ends off (I knew before hand they were horrible for hair). Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can secure braids without them? I can't use gel, hairspray or anything like that, it dries my hair out.

Thnxs -Nene
I use a leave in & oil with my gel. It doesn't dry out my hair this way. I also spritz my hair with water & put oil in my hair then put on a plastic cap. This also helps keep my hair soft & moisturized. Also try using a moisturizing gel ampro has one. Hope this helps.
So basically you need to chop off all the heat damaged hair.. You dont need to do a big chop if you dont want.. You can just cut gradually.
Ive been transitioning for a month.. Ive trimed.. I use products without sulfer and other things that hurt your hair..
Wash your hair with co washers.. No shampoo.
Do bantu knots.. protective styles. But dont do them too tight they might kill your edges and you dont want that.

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