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KayyGee 09-29-2013 12:59 PM

I'm Transitioning & Im Very Confused .... From The Strand Test I Have High Porosity Hair && It's Always Dry ....I'm Trying To Find A Regimen But I Don't Wanna Become A Product Junkie Also It Always Break & I Have Very Bad Split Ends Even Though I Just Clipped Them ..... I'm Five Months Post A Relaxer && I Really Need Help!

Current Regimen
Shea Moisture Curly Shampoo
Shea Moisture Restorive Conditioner
Cantu Curling Cream

&& I Just Did The Loc Method
Water , Coconut Oil, & Ors Hair Lotion

BotticelliBrit 09-30-2013 05:22 AM

Can I ask what curl type you have?

I'm a 3A/3B and have been transitioning from the Yuko hair straightening for a year (currently working with two textures as I don't want to 'big chop').

Anyway, what I've found worked best for me at first, in regards to dryness and breakage were:

Getting rid of my comb. Even my wide-tooth. I threw that baby out and haven't looked back. Instead I finger-detangle and I can't begin to tell you how much better my hair looks. I lose a quarter of the hair I used to and have ZERO split ends. For me, this is a miracle as, like you, I'd always have split ends, even straight after a hair cut.

I also eliminated heat on my hair completely and instead went for protective hairstyles (try plaits or twist outs etc.. depending on your hair type).

I also cut out sulfates and went for a sulfate-free shampoo (Shea Moisture Curl & Shine).

And I found a REALLY big help to be pre-pooing. Slather coconut oil in your hair (and finger-detangle, if you wish) and leave it on for a few hours (or overnight is best). Then wash out with your shampoo and condition as normal (and finger-dentangle when your conditioner is in, if you want). This pretty much eliminated my dryness.

I also do a deep condition once per week, which has worked wonders.

So, yeah :) maybe some of the above can work for you as well?

KayyGee 09-30-2013 06:05 AM

Ok So From What I've Seen Ima 3c / 4a Type Of Girl But I Dont Wanna Jump The Gun Too Soon I've Only Been Transitioning For About Five Months ....So On My Next Wash Day Ima Try This.... thank You So much!

BotticelliBrit 09-30-2013 06:35 AM

You're welcome! I hope it works out great for you :)

You might also benefit from watching some YoutTube videos. A fantastic curly girl to follow who always posts her routines and products and gives advice etc ... is Alba @ SunKissAlba - YouTube - she seems to have a similar hair type to you, so that might help too (she's also a huge fan of finger-detangling)!

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