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Okay first off let me start off by saying I'm a total tomboy I don't like hair lol if it looks presentable I'm totally fine with it. When I was younger I had pretty, thick, silky curly hair and then my mom relaxed it due to the relaxer my hair fell out and became kinky. Now for as a long as I can remember I've put in relaxers every 3-4 months maybe 2 to keep my hair straight and during those months I blow dry my hair or flat iron it. It's time for me to relax my hair again but last night I felt through my hair and it was curly everywhere all of my roots are soft curls and the rest is straight but kinky hair. I'm tired of relaxers and I want that pretty little girl hair again but it's hard. I've tried going months without relaxers and I look like kunta kinte (not cute!) so what should I do people? For an idea of how my hair looks you can visit my Instagram @Goldentripster . If you want to see my hair as a young girl just let me on know on there (comment) and I'll email you a picture. Thanks in advance
What are you actually asking?

If you want to go natural then do it, but if you don't then don't do it.
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Your straight hair is from your relaxer, the only way it comes off is if you cut it or it breaks off. You might also have heat damage if you straightened your hair consistently. In either case neither heat damage nor relaxers are irreversible, and the only way to get rid of it is to let it grow out and cut the damage off a bit at a time(transitioning) or start fresh and cut it all off.(BC= big chop)
Good luck. But really if you like your relaxed hair, relax it. If you want to try your curls then go for it.
What are you actually asking?

If you want to go natural then do it, but if you don't then don't do it.
Originally Posted by Blueblood
I'm not sure what the question is either but the whole "slave hair" comment really rubs me wrong so I wouldn't be likely to respond anyway. Maybe Kizzy and Chicken George can offer some advice on how to get dat gud hurr.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.

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