My hair is breaking like CRAZY!!!

Hello, ladies. I've recently started transitioning to natural hair. I'm using organic root stimulator products and it really helps with detangling and keeping my new growth moisturized. BUT IT DOESN'T STOP BREAKING I try not to comb or style my hair everyday, and I'm currently rocking cornrows. I would really appreciate any advice about homemade products i can use to help strengthen my hair?

3b/3c hair
4 months post relaxer
Chances are the hair breaking is coming from where your new growth meets your relaxed hair which is very weak. I would try to be gentle when detangling. Also as far as products go your relaxed hair might not like the same products as your new growth and vice versa. I would try a light protein treatment to help strengthen your strands and see if that helps with your breakage issue.
Best of wishes (:
I had that problem towards the end of my transition. I did 2 mini chops to get the last of the permed ends out. But I didn't do any organic products. Just sulfate free cleansers with protein in them & cowashing. But i found products that both my textures liked during my transition. But once natural, I changed products again. Now I use as I am & love them.

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