Transitioning with Box Braids

So, basically I wanted to start the journey of transitioning by deciding to use box braids and or kinky twists to transition. I was just wondering on some topics of transitioning with braids. First off, I kind of dont want to retouch my hair when transitioning because sometimes (even though my braids are never tight, I always remind my braider) my head hurts when I get it done. I really want to transition with braids for about 6 months. The thing is I dont want to retouch my whole head, and if I do i'll change it to kinky twists or something else. Its just I really dont understand how to transition with these braids in. Is it possible for me to get a retouch every like 2 months or something like that? Thx. Bye.
I'm just entering my 4th month and I did it with braids I'm taking a week off and then re braiding my hair again. However I was still washing my hair once a week and adding oil plus braid spray no more the two times a week. I took my braids out to trim and deep condition which is so important. This worked for me. Hope this helps.

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I haven't had braids in many years since back in my relaxer days but the longest I ever left them in was about a four to five weeks. I think two months may be asking for a lot. First you could have an inch to two inches of new growth and that won't look cute with braids. 2. The longer you wait the more difficult Detangling could be after take down because of unremoved shed hair.I would research how to take down braids with natural hair so you don't end up with a tangled mess.

If your head hurts the braids are probably too tight. You don't want breakage or traction alopecia. I agree it would be good to take breaks in between.
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