Hair Type Issues

I've been transitioning for the past 7 months and my natural hair has grown about 3 inches (or something like that, I can't guesstimate for life!) and i've been seeing some s-curls. Before i got a texturizer that botched up my hair, my roots were wavy and the ends were coily-curly (sort of 4a). I had a section of 3b/c in the middle that had a mind of its own, and my edges were another story altogether. If i pulled it back and applied gel, it would be very slick and laid down, but would immediately revert back to its 4a/b state. Back then, i would say i was a 3c/4a/b, but now that its growing out, I don't feel like its the same. The curls are much looser (It might be the relaxed ends weighing it down) and frizzier; if i do a braidout, my natural hair is totally straight and the ends are perfectly defined. Does anyone have this problem? And sorry if the explanation is unclear, i can't find the right words to describe it.
Curls: 3c/4a I can't distinguish between the two!!!!!!
Shampoo: Mizani, Bed Head Control Freak, Pert(mixed with water)
Conditioner: Mizani, Bed Head, Aura Moisturizing conditioner
Gels: Eco Styler Krystal

Curl Defining Products: Curls Unleashed
Leave-in: Conditioner mixed with water and EVOO, it's a 10.
Oils: Tea Tree, EVOO, OO, Coconut oil
I had this problem when I was transitioning. I would do a braid-out and would run into this problem, I also ran into it when I would do a twist-out. I just gave up hope and stopped doing them all together. I began to do buns and ponytails because I could not figure out a way to blend the textures. I finally just big chopped after 18 months because I got frustrated.

The natural hair that is straight could be overly moisturized and has become limp, which was what I was experiencing and I could not find a product that did not give too much moisture which is why I just said fuhgetaboutit.

I would say just keep trying different styles until you find one that works for you. I actually wore buns for the first 7-10 months of my transition because a ponytail was too limp and nothing else worked.
After a relaxer the hair changes of course. The new growth is still the same as before but because the rest of the hair is different, the new parts are somehow more "relaxed" because like you said the rest of the hair is weighing it down. You will see your "true" curl texture coming back after u get rid of the relaxed parts or when there is more of your natural hair again. I also think the best way to keep your new hair healthy now is to take care of them with oil treatments and so on. Also be sure to drink a lot of plain water every day, that moisturizes the hair sometimes better than any hair product can do!!! all the best for you and your hair!!!

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