frizzies in the front make a ponytail impossible :-(

hello to all, my last relaxer was in january, and i chopped my hair into a bob in may to let my curls come back in. but i have the biggest problem. since my hairstyles are limited i have been just putting my hair back in a ponytail which is fine to me in the time being. the only thing is at the crown where my baby hairs used to be lovely and curly i get this annoying frizz that sticks up even with globs of gel. i have even been cutting them shorter and they still grow back frizzy as ever. i would like to wear a ponytail in peace and even headbands can't cover it! i'll post pics soon. please help with any advice, bella
I'd have to see a picture to see what you're talking about. I think you should let it grow out so it'll stop frizzing. I had the same problem as you and what I noticed is that the front of my hair is a different texture than the rest of my hair. My guess is that maybe I sweat more there or that's the most sensitive part of my hair. I never had this problem till I stopped relaxing my hair. I was browsing through my baby pictures and realized that my hair would poof up in the front back in the 70's LOL

One thing that helps me is Fantasia gel (about $3.50). Or if I wet my hair a little in the front and add some mousse that helps too. Don't cut the front anymore because if this is your new texture then you're better off working with it than against it.

Good luck! I've been transitioning for 9 months now so I feel your pain.
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Labellany-- I had this same exact problem when I was in high school. I used to put so much gel in my hair to hold down that halo of fuzz on the front of my head, but it wouldn't ever lay down.

The problem, I discovered later on, was breakage. Do you apply the gel to your hair and then brush your hair back? I used to even style my hair wet which made it worse, but all the brushing a pulling back into a perfectly slick ponytail cause the top/front layers of my hair to break resulting in what I can only define as a "halo" of frizz on my hairline.

I'm not sure why your hair used to be perfectly curly there, and all of a sudden transformed into frizz, but you may need to change up some of the products you're using also.

I hope this helps.
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Hi get frizzies up front too and what I do is apply gel or Blended beauty curly frizz pudding and then I put a scarf on while I do my make-up etc. and then take it off before i leave the house this always works for me the scarf helps to lay it down
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