Will it ever be the same?

I have VERY thick, curly hair, and used to wear it as such when I was younger. I started chemically straightening it in middle school, stopped, and have since almost completely grown out the old, relaxed part (less than two inches left!)

I'm really excited about my hair curling again, but my stylist told me it would never curl the same again! Is that true? I still flat iron my hair every now and then, or wear it in a ponytail; should I not be doing that? Is there anything I can do to get back to the way it used to be?
The same as what? I mean, how would she know how your hair curled? She may be referring to the relaxed part.
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I used to wonder if my hair would look the same as it did in 1981. Hey maybe it won't, but it still beats the chemically straightened hair. Even if your hair isn't exactly the same growing out, I bet it'll still be just as beautiful. Don't let her comment (which I'm sure wasn't meant to be mean) get you down. Just think of your goal and do what you're doing now, which is accepting your natural hair for what it truly is.

I have learned to take a hairdresser's opinion with a grain of salt. They might know about my hair, but they don't know me as an individual. I'm more than my hair. Accepting my hair as is means I accept myself completely.
- Maria

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I agree that you shouldn't fully believe everything that a hairstylist says. I don't think that she meant in a mean way, but many hairstylists have a more limited knowledge about hair than they think that they do.

I have naturally smooth, but thick, 3b hair. For the last 10 years, I was totally ignorant on how to care for it and destroyed it. Hairstylist kept telling me that I had kinky, 4a hair (This is not an insult on 4a hair.) when I did not. They would look at it and could tell that it was damaged and totally dismiss what I said or the parts of my hair that were my normal texture. Most of it has grown back, though I do have patches that only have 1 inch of growth. The point of this story is to tell you that sometimes hairstylists go on what they know, not what you know. This is especially true if you have a hair type that isn't common to the area that you live in. Only you know your hair.
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Iíve been perming my hair for 27 years, with no break in between. Iíve been perm free for one year and all natural for 9 months. My hair is 3C thick and curly. I agree with Suburbanbushbabe. I believe that once you go completely natural, your hair goes back to the curl pattern it was meant too. Then of course there are things that will change the texture of your hairÖ gray hairs that donít curl anyway, hair issues that go with the hormonal changes of menopause, and so on and so forth. But you sound too young to be worried about that.
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To add to the convo... I recently cut my relaxed ends off and at first I was like oh damn what have I done LOL But as the days go by I kid you not, my hair feels different every day. I feel like every day it gets more beautiful. Its thick, curly, soft to the touch, very manageable. I have 3C hair and a few months ago I had the same question "what if it never looks the same" I have no idea if my hair looks the same but right now I am loving the hair I have right now. I actually have nightmares of people putting relaxers in my hair and me screaming ahahaha NEVER AGAIN I tell ya. I even feel like I have more confidence with my hair like this.

- Maria

Big Chop: 9/23/07
Relaxer free for almost 5 years!

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