OMG I finally did the BC!

I look like this now

I feel happy, liberated, happy... I'm freaking out! I just grabbed scissors and said to hell with this. Everybody saw long pretty hair, all I saw was hair trying to get out and something in its way hiding it.

I will post pictures tomorrow! I can't find my camera right now.
- Maria

Big Chop: 9/23/07
Relaxer free for almost 5 years!

OMG!!!!!!! I GOTTA SEE THIS :-D I know you were not sure if you were gonna do it but you did!! yayyyyyyy

edit:: I love it!!
The pictures were updated late last night on my Fotki page. Boy does it feel WEIRD. I feel very empowered though. I do miss my hair a little bit, but not as much as I thought I would. My mom is gonna kill me! My husband is sad. My daughter said "mommy you look silly." My friend said I need hoop earrings and an afro pick and I'll look like Cleopatra Brown LOL

- Maria

Big Chop: 9/23/07
Relaxer free for almost 5 years!

I know that you really struggled about when to chop and I just want to say that your hair really looks lovely.
Your hair looks great! Congratulations Mariag!
Last Relaxer: July 2006
Hey mariag002,

Way to go! Looks good. I wish I had the courage. I'm still transitioning. I keep telling myself just one more month. I don't know why I'm still holding on? Congrats.

God Bless
Cece, 2 Blessed 2 B Stressed!
Last Perm 9/06
Maria, your hair looks good and frames your face well! It will be a little weird at first, but with all of your conditioning and loving care, your hair will grow fast and become more defined with less effort. You really do look nice; I like the headband.
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Mariag what's your hair type? mine looks like yours
Originally Posted by livelycurls
livelycurls I am a 3C

Thank you ladies! I am still getting used to it. Today I co-washed and didn't put any gel or mousse in it.... I'll never do that again! LOL
it went like this..BOING!
- Maria

Big Chop: 9/23/07
Relaxer free for almost 5 years!

Oh my goodness!!! You did it and you look wonderful!
I love the headband, it looks so cute on you!
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