style/rollerset advice for 2b transition?

Hi everybody.
Thanks to the info on this forum, I've been transitioning from chemically straightened hair to my natural 2b-ish hair.

Someone suggested I do roller sets to "safely" (no heat) cover up the transition period, because right now half of it is straight & frizzy while the roots are wavy. Problem is, my hair is VERY thick. Very, very, very thick. So when I put rollers in them, I ended up looking like a poodle! It was just too ringlet-y and there was WAY too much volume at the top.

So here's my question: Is there any way to get a more natural, wavy look with roller sets? Or...does anyone have tips for an alternative style that I can use? I know about braids, but I can't braid to save my life--and my hair is in layers of different lengths, which makes it even harder to do.
Try using larger rollers so the set wont come out as curly. Also try doing a saran wrap treatment. There are some great instructions on how to do it on
Click on tuturials ( is that spelled right?) and it should be there.
When I transitioned it was easy for me to rollerset to hide my two textures. I am a 3C and I would rollerset, dry with a bonnet hairdrier, then use the flatiron sparingly just to make my hair look decent. I have some picures in my Fotki, but you can also find videos on Youtube that will show you how to do a rollerset.
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You're roots are wavy? Are you sure your hair is wavy? I think it would look good if you rollerset the ends the make ringlets, even though you said you wanted to avoid that. Do you have any pictures?
i'm going through something similar... the bottom 3/4 of of my hair makes awkward, limp,stringy waves because i flat-ironed the hell out of it, but the top 1/4 is as curly as ever (3b). it looks bizarre. i've been experimenting with rollersets and my hair either doesnt hold the curl at all or becomes a ridiculous puffy mess. a curling iron is the only way my hair ends up looking decent, but heat styling was how i got myself into this mess in the first place, so... its frustrating. i'm going to keep experimenting and i PROMISE i will report back if anything works!

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