I was thinking of getting highlights in 2 months. It will be 9 months into my transition. Would that be a good time to get them, or should I wait longer? It's been over a year since I've had highlights done. Since I did the BC, all my highlights are gone. I'm back to my natural roots which is black.
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How are you planning on wearing your hair? I think if you're going to do wash and go then you should avoid highlights because it might not look like you want it to and leave uneccesary damage. For braids or twists I think that would look good, and if you plan on straightening it you should tell the stylist that before they do the highlights.
I plan to wash n' go. What kind of coloring would you suggest, if not highlights? I feel my hair is a bit drab and I want some kind of highlights in it.
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L'Oreal is good if you're going to do it yourself, and they have that nice touch up brush that comes in handy. At the salon they use really good stuff but they'll charge you a lot for it. Tell them you want to avoid damage and maybe they will use a weaker formula.
i color on a consistant basis and havent recieved any damage from it. i definetly suggest going to a professional if you can afford it.
I don't think I could do the highlights myself. I would definitely get a professional to do it.

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