I have no idea about transitioning!

I'm tired of relaxing my hair, and I'm positive that I want to go completely natural. I started wanting to do this eight or so months ago, but I haven't had the guts. But I know that if I want to have pretty, healthy hair by my senior year (I'm a highschool freshman now) then I need to get rid of my super-damaged relaxed ends now....or really soon!
A little background info: I've gone crazy with my scissors! I'll be sitting on the bathroom counter, fretting over how much I hate having relaxed hair, and I'll see a pair of scissors and think, "Oh, I'll just get rid of my damaged ends in the back." And I'll keep going and going...now, if I pluck a hair from the back of my head that's not straightened, and I stretch it to its real length, it's about 2 inches long. And that's from the middle of my head down, all natural (yay!). From the middle up is basically a bunch of weak relaxed ends. It's about 4 inches in diameter with the longest hairs being around 5 inches long...and about an inch of that is new growth.
This is my current routine that I do once or twice a week:
Wash once with shampoo (because I know that shampoo is bad for our hair) and once with a suave conditioner.
Condition with a deep condtioner...Infusium I think.
Towel scrunch, add a moisturizer, air dry first (to reduce damage), then blow dry.
Flat iron...I know, terrible, right?
That's my big problem! Isn't the point of transitioning to let the natural hair gain some length before you chop off the relaxed part? Well, one would think that, with all that heat, the natural part is going to be just as damaged. So, what should I do? Sorry that it's so long, I tend to rant. Thanks in advance!
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Welcome! I like your long-term time goal. Hopefully you have had your last relaxer. Now all you need is patience, lots of moisturizing and conditioning. And to put. down. the. scissors
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Hey Windaura! Congrats on your decision to transition!

So after reading your post, I feel like you're on the right track, but then I also feel like you're a little confused about some things.

For the most part, everyone's transitioning experience plays out quite differently. I feel like what it really comes down to is experimenting with products and styles and discovering for yourself what works (and what doesn't work) for your hair.

The "point" of transitioning isn't necessarily to let your relaxed hair grow out long enough before you decide to cut it. That's a big part of it if you're not personally comfortable with having short hair, but a lot of women here (including me) opted for the Big Chop early on, instead of waiting to do it.

There's really no "right" or "wrong" way to do it, you just have to remember WHY you're doing it. Transitioning is a really personal experience, I think, and everyone's got different reasons for going back to the hair they were born with.

As for flat-ironing your hair, if you're bugged about it, there are alternatives. I know a lot of girls here Rollerset their hair to make it straight, or go to Dominican salons to get blow-outs. Some people also put their hair in Protective hairstyles like braids, twists, certain weaves, loose ponytails, etc., that help protect their new growth from damage while their relaxed hair grows out.

You've got lots of options, and the better part about it is, you can transition however you want. There are a lot of really educated people on the boards who have the information you're looking for, just search new threads and old threads and you'll be surprised by how mcuh you'll learn in such a small amount of time.

Good luck!
I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.
Lauren, you can do it! I tried to go natural for 7 YEARS and I couldn't do it. I really contribute my success to these women on this website that gave me such great advice and encouraged me to keep going. The first 6 months were the hardest for me because I really had no idea how to do the in-between hair, but after a while I had my routine down.

Read the boards, ask questions, figure out what is your best routine. I still use a flat iron, just make sure to use it in moderation and use protective sprays before applying any heat.

Another way to encourage yourself is to view everyone's Fotki page, if you click on the WWW icon under a person's profile you'll most likely see their progress pictures. On my page I have transition pictures plus a journal of my 5th through 10th month of transitioning.

Good luck! We're here if you need us.
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You've made the most important step by coming here. Transitioning is totally different for many people and takes different time lengths. Someone people will cut off all color/straightened and grow out from short while others keep the length and just trim off the ends until it's all grown out.

I finally bite the bullet and cut off the last 3" of relaxed hair. I now have 2" of virgin (undyed hair) and about 3.5" of colored hair. I don't want to go short, short so I'm just going to trim until the color is grown out.

Good luck!!

You are not alone. I have no idea about it either and my decision was definitely spontaneous and shocking even to myself! But once you've made up your mind that this is something you want to do, the whole process becomes second nature I guess... automatic. Trial and error is the learning route for dealing with the 2 primary textures. I am 3 1/2 months into mine and so far, with my trusty Denman brush and frequent conditioner washes... detangling (my primary apprehension about a transition) has been a breeze. The only thing that I am not looking forward to is figuring out what my natural hair likes. It may rebel against all the products that are now my staples which would make me mad. But either way the whole process is a growth; literally and mentally.
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I'm 6 mos into the transition and my hair is a mess. 1/3 of my relaxed hair fell out in the back. I thought I was bald on one side. I had to get my hair cut in a bob and use one side to cover the other side. I'm just ready to cut all the relaxed hair off now. I've been reading and there's so much information which is great. I can tell I'm going to be a pj but I just want to start off w/ the basics. Is this right wash, condish, leave in condish, then styling get?
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Is this right wash, condish, leave in condish, then styling get?
Originally Posted by jcurlady
It depends on your hair needs, really. But I can advise one beneficial thing. Keeping it simple is key. Discover new products to find your staples (if you haven't yet) and stick with them when you find them. Protein and moisture balance is the essential for keeping your hair happy. And then stick to a hair care routine that your hair benefits from and is easy for you to keep consistent.
"It's Involuntary; It's Like Adrenaline."

3B/C Waist Length & Transitioning...
Staples: Aveda, Joico & Biolage
Simple & Uncomplicated=Happy Me & Happy Hair.
Thank you. That's what I need to remember. I need to keep it simple.
if luvin KCKT and KCCC is wrong I don't wanna b right

sell crazy somewhere else...we're all stocked up here.
I'm almost 3 months in to my transition. I use a gentle shampoo without sulphates and cantu rinse out conditioner and leave in repair conditioner. I have coarse 4a hair so there's a big contrast between the two textures. I'm not going to BC so I'm trying to hang on to my relaxed end until I pull my hair back into a ponytail. I think moisturising is the most impotant thing.
I have the odd moment where I think 'what am I doing' and that I'll never be able to achieve the hair some other women have on the forums, but I'm loving my new growth, which I play with all day. I have the most amazingly tight coils and spirals. This site and others like it are a God send. After 26 years I finally realised that I have curly hair.
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Well, ur already ahead of the game at almost 3 mos. It took me 6 mos to find this site and it really is amazing. I don't have to go around confused b/c now I have options. Good luck w/ the transitioning.
if luvin KCKT and KCCC is wrong I don't wanna b right

sell crazy somewhere else...we're all stocked up here.

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