Protective Styling challange

I have finally relized that I am too chicken to do the BC so I have decided to do a extended transition

I would like to achive this through protcticve styling and then an idea popped into my head . Why not start my own LHCF inspired challenge?!!?

This challenge will be split up into 3 sessions and the whole time your hair should be kept in protective styles(Duh ) Protective styles include buns, braidouts, twistouts, and basically any style that is low manipulation and/or keeps your ends protected. Starting point pictures would be nice but not neccessary because I dont know how to post pictures my self

Session 1: the rest of October
Session 2:November
Session 3ecember

When you check in please include the number of sessions you plan to do and the leghth your hair is at right now. Also add any extra rules you would like to add for yourself.

Oh yeah.... this is my first challenge so PLEASE JOIN

My hair is short so I can't do protective buns anymore *crying*
but I wear rollers at night to protect the ends. I also wear a silk cap, but I need to get better at using it every day.

I'm interested in what others use to protect their hair from normal wear and tear. Especially people like me that went from long to short hair due to the BC.
- Maria

Big Chop: 9/23/07
Relaxer free for almost 5 years!

Hi Jodensye,

I'm in; this shouldn't be too hard for me as I wear my hair up 99% of the time. I wear my hair in twists that are then placed in a bun.
I'm in for all 3 sessions; I was going to wear my hair out for Christmas though, but now I may just keep it bunned.

I definitely moisturize my ends nightly and sometimes in the morning too if they need it.

I also need to DT at least weekly. and I cover my hair nightly with a scarf.

I have tons of shrinkage but my twists in their shrunken state just skim the tops of my shoulders, stretched, my hair is about 2 inches below my brastrap; I haven't straightened in over 3 years and so I have no idea what my true length is.
Dense kinky-curly; healthy and growing strong!
I was just thinking the same thing about the protective styling. I want to protect my ends. What is the sense of growing hair out if you have to keep cutting split ends. But this one is hard for me. I love my hair out. So I will wear protective styles (buns, twists, scarves) at least 5 days out of the week. I have to be able to show off my curls sometimes. I am up for all three sessions. Hopefully if I can do ti for three months then I can continue this for next year also!!!
Also what are some other protective style options besides buns and twists/ braids? I need some help being creative. I don't like cornrows etc for work and I have had extensions in my hair for the whole summer so I don't want any more braids.
Have you ever tried a strawset? I will try to find more options for you.
Protective styling suggestions:
half Flat twisted half straw set
French braid
Sock bun
phony ponytail
French roll
Pin curl

Protective Styling may not look very exciting but it pays of in the end. Plus with some creativity some of these styles can look so cute! Feel free to add accesories(is that how spell it?) as long as they wont snag your hair.
I am going to try and twist my hair this weekend. I was never really good at that. I will try a straw set and see how that works or how that lasts.
Okay, so far i got
3. ..... what?!? thats it! Isnt anyone intrested?

Just saw this thread and think it's brilliant. Very practical for us who need support with our relaxed & curly hair while transitioning.

I'm African American and my hair is relaxed down to my shoulders, a 3c or 4a and about 3 inches of it is natural. I also have bangs which I adore. They're recent; got them about a month ago. I haven't relaxed since the end of January 2007.

I've only just started learning the basics though. Had been washing, conditioning, and straightening until June. Back then I could pull it all back to dry which would elongate the curls. Let it dry like this overnight, then just do a quick style with my curling iron once a week. Some weeks I didn't touch it with any heat.

My hair seems to need more gentle loving care now though. It's taken me a while to explore this site. For about a month I went for a blowout at the dominican salons because I couldn't figure out how to deal with it. That won't work longterm though, so I'm jumping on the wagon to do this right.

I'm going to try to break down my journey in simple terms. Right now I'm trying the following steps

A. Conditioning wash - Suave Naturals Coconut Moisturizing Conditioner
I'm reading that daily would be optimal but still working up to that
Styled hair in shower by using WIDE rounded toothed shower comb
And combing all the hair back to where I wanted the bun

B. Deep Conditioning - Looking for an inexpensive solution
Once a week

C. Moistuize - Trying Cetaphil lotion temporarily, has dehumectant
Twice a day, in the morning and at night. Like I brush my teeth
I moisturize from the roots to the ends as often as I can

D. Transition Style - So I do my washes the night before and sleep with
a satiny scarf. The next day I moisturize (finger combing in the
direction I dried, twirl everything in one twist then clip with a barret like thing.

It can get a bit fluffy. I am looking for a moisturizer or styling cream that will do both - moisturize and style. Perhaps a gel. Haven't used gel though since my middle school days in the nineties.

So 3 questions for you gals.

1. Did your hair change as it grew out, get dryer, or respond differently?

2. What type of hair does everyone have?

Which gels, styling creams do you recommend and how will they make the hair look? Matted, soft, shiny?

Can't wait to see your responses. Cheers to beautiful hair.

My hair is a 3c/4a. I have actually grown out all my relaxer. I was flat ironing my hair but I missed my curls and my hair was a lot heathier and stronger before I started to flat iron. I stopeed relaxing my hair back in 2000. It just kind of happened. My hair was in good condition because I practically lived in conditioner.

If you are looking for an inexpensive DT you can try Lustrasilk shea butter conditioner. I've seen it at sallys and other beauty supply stores its like $2.50 it has not mineral oil, petroluem, or silicones. I use this once a week mixed with honey and olive oil. Or you can use honey and olive oil ( or any other carrier oil of your choice almond, coconut, jojoba etc) with a cheap conditioner.

To moisturize my hair I use oils my hair loves oils so I just use olive oil or a mix of jojoba oil and apricot oil that I use on my daughters hair. I also sometimes make my own hair lotion by mixing a few tables spoons of melted shea butter, coconut oil, oilve oil, and apricot oil. I apply this to my hair at night and sleep with a conditioning cap so its like an overnite oil treatment.

Some styles you can try when transitioning are twist sets, straw sets, ros sets, I like sets but you can try flat twists into a bun or ponytail. This styles hide the new growth and are low maintenace. all you have to do is sleep with a satin scarf and moisturize a fluff in the AM.

When I wear my hair out I condition rinse to detangle and set curls, rinse, apply leave in, I rotate of few ( paul mitchell the conditioner, MOP Leave in, Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave in, Giovanni Direct Leave in, Abba Nourish Leave in whatever I have in the house), apply my hair oil concoction, the I use Long aid curl activator gel. This is a soft hold cheap gel and I like it alot, If you are looking for more hold you can try Ecostyler ( I use this for my buns), also Herbal Essence Set my up or Herbal Essence Body Envy, I have heard good things about these gels and they are silicone free.

Hope that helps
That so strange I just bought some lustrasilk DT over the weekend and I love it. I have almost no new growth beacause of a recent relapse LOL but daily co washing has been helping me keep under control what I do have.

Session 2 starts tommorow so good luck ladies!!!!
Feel free to wear your hair down for the holidays (special events only people !)
By the way is the Lustrasilk Shea butter a moisturizing or light protien conditioner?

Still accepting new challengers
I just did my first successful pin curl set !
I put GF Sleek and Shine( I dont think it is CG) on dry hair before I pin curled it.
Instructions for pin curl
1.Section of a peice of hair. Remember the bigger the bigger the section the looser the curl.
2. Put finger(the one next to the thumb) under the base of the section and use the other the hand to wrap hair around the finger.
3. Use thumb and middle finger to pull finger out of you hair. Hold section down with your middle finger
*Section of hair should now resemble an "o"
4. Take a pin and put it through the center of the "o" to secure curl
5. Repeat 1-4 with the rest of your hair
6. Keep in overnight or until dry (if done on wet hair) and pull out pins

-Do not do on wet hair pin curls take forever to dry. Wait until hair is at least damp
-Remember to pull ends of hair to the center of the "o"
-Try not to twist hair as you wrap it around your finger

Hope my insturctions are easy to understand. Share any instructions for protective styles you know how to do.

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