misunderstanding i guess

maybe no one understood my last post.i'm looking for something to smooth oout my frizzy texture.i sometimes use a conditioning hair cholseterol but i want to leave it in because i love the way it smoothes out my texture,can anybody on here tell me what i can use that has the same texture as the cholesterol cream i use? i want the kind you can leave in.
help my hair
Just read your previous post. I think to some extent you will have to come to terms with your thick voluminous texture. That's not a bad thing! The frizz can probably be reduced somewhat...because some of it is a result of dryness and damage. Moisture will help. Starting the CG or modified CG routine will help, too.

But as far as products, you usually get what you pay for. There are a few good cheap products. But most of the ones I like aren't the kind you get in the drugstore.

Are you saying you want a heavy cream-based product to leave in?

Curls Milkshake
Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles
Curl Junkie Honey Butta Leave-in
Kinky-Curly Knot Today + Curling Custard

You mentioned Miss Jessie's. And yes, they are expensive. But a lot of people think they're worth it. But some people have discovered ways to make their own version of Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding and others. (I personally won't use any now because no one of them are CG-friendly...and in the long run they will dry out your hair.)

oyin whipped pudding has a butter texture to it. you can deep cond. and use it as a leave in. ITA with spiderlashes about starting a CG or mod CG routine. it made a big difference with my hair. my curls are more moisturized and defined after following a mod CG routine since July.ive accepted that i will have some frizz(im from georgia ya'll)

You should check with some of the other forums like 3c,4a for some great advice. there are some ladies( like suburbanbushbabe, curlynikki,missmonie to name a few ) who really go it going on. they keep me inspired and informed.

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