Growing my hair out and don't know where to start!

Hello everyone,
I finally decided to stop relaxing.

My hair is currently straight and shoulder length with about an inch of new growth, and I really don't know where to start! For the past several years I've relaxed my hair and retouched new growth; anytime I really thought I was going to stop relaxing, I would give in at about 5 inches of new growth and relax again. I couldn't stand it because my hair looked awful with that much curly growth and then another 5 inches of stick straight hair hanging off at the end. Leaving my hair down at that point was not an option and I kept it in a big bun or pigtails every day, and even the pigtails were a mess because of my curls popping out everywhere and refusing to stay in them!

My question is if you have any hairstyles I could put my hair in while I'm re-growing? I don't want to just keep it in a bun all of the time, but I do live in humid south Texas! Any products you really recommend? There are tons on the site and I don't know where to begin. Also I don't know if this is relevant, I am mixed half black//Asian with type 3B hair maybe that gives you an idea of its texture?

Sorry for so much at once, I appreciate any advice. It is really you all that inspired me to go back to my natural hair, your curly hair pictures are beautiful!! Thanks again!!
What city are you from?

When I was transitioning I had the half curly/half straight look and it was driving me mad. I took scissors and cut it all off LOL you don't have to be that drastic though.

Do you know how to rollerset your hair? Do you know anyone that could help you do that? Because this was the only way to "hide" my curls and make it blend in with my relaxed hair. It made it easier to transition. I found that the first 6 months were the hardest, but after that it got a little easier. I've been natural for almost a year, but only 100% natural for one month and trust me I have my good days and bad days but I have yet to regret going on this journey.

Oh and don't feel bad for going back, it took me 7 YEARS to finally do it.
- Maria

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Hi Curly_Crystal

I feel your pain. I stopped relaxing in Jan of this year and have about 6 inches of new growth, I'm too chicken to do a bc because I've always had long hair. I use pomades and gel to help slick my hair back into a pony tail, so that way at least the top doesn't look too much different then the ends. You can try the roller setting as mariag suggests to help until your hair is all curly again. I don't know if I was much help!
~3b/3c mixed hair
Giovanni/Curls/Blended Beauty are my staples
You can try straw sets or two stranded twists, you can get braid extensions, flat twists, flat twists into a bun or fake pony tail, flat twists at the top into a straw set. I have a co worker she will flat twist her hair wear that for a few days then wear the twist out for a few days.

I felt the same way. Now I keep the pics from Miss Jessie's before and afters minimized on my computer. This gives me quick inspiration.

I also found this site for a pretty comprehensive product list

But you may find products directly for your 3b hair under the 3b board on the main curlmunity page

Did you see the strain Protective Styling Challenge under Transitioning. I think it would be fun if yo[/color]u joined us.

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