the best curly pudding

okay i'm searching the web and i need a little advice.i'm looking for some hair pudding but i want some advice from some other ladies about what hair products they like.tell me which online hair products did you purchase or buy? and how do you like them and where did you get them from?
help my hair
I have heard lots about Miss Jessie's Pudding.... I think it would be too heavy on my hair.... but I have had some luck with Kinky Curly Curling Custard. Its a goopy, globby consistency and smells amazing....

I also have Curls Milkshake - but have not really had a chance to try it out - also smells so yummy.

I also use jessicurl WDT as a heavy leave-in and as a DT - again smells so good (Island Fantasy scent) - Maybe I just love all this good smelling stuff!

all are available at Curlmart and other online sites
3b, and increasingly c pieces... my curls will always be a little confused, but that is just fine!
PW: naturallycurly

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