It's been one year since I last got my hair relaxed. I got about 7 inches cut off earlier this week and my hair is now a little longer than chin length. I have a couple inches left to go before all of the relaxed ends are off. I find that having my hair (mostly 3C, a little 3B) one length is best. However the hairdresser said that if I got layers put into it, he could take all of the straight parts out and it would still be around the same length that it is. I'm wondering if I should go ahead and get layers put in now and get it cut to the same length once it gets a little longer. I'm not ready to go any shorter but I want the straight ends gone.
Edit: I actually have about 4 inches of ends left in some spots, 2 or so in others, and the underneath of my hair is completely grown in.
I have my hair in layers and I find it easier to style. For over 20 years I had my hair straight, one length, and that was pretty simple for me. I just went natural and inadvertently cut my hair in layers. I get more compliments about my hair and I feel like it has more personality. It also hides the fact that I had to cut my hair this way because my hair was growing in different lengths throughout my head. I was hoping to cut it one length again when it grows, but I think I'm going to stick with the layers.

I think your hairdresser is right and you should give it a try.

This is how my hair looks today cut in layers

- Maria

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I have tried layers and it doesn't work for me. I'm glad you've found something that works for you. I'm just wondering if it I should get layers now to get the straight part out and then get it cut an even length when it grows out. If I get layers, I'm not keeping them.
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Going with layers will allow your natural curl to do better and you won't have to worry about damaged or breaking ends from the remaining relaxer.

Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure because in the past layers have not worked well with my hair. I've always had long hair so maybe layers will work better with my hair being shorter. I'm still thinking about what I want to do.
My relaxed hair didn't do well with layers either. I couldn't layer my hair to save my life back then LOL You'd be surprised what natural hair can do. I don't know if I'll keep the layers forever (right now i have no choice) but for now I love my new look.

I don't know your hair type of texture so I don't know if I'm giving you good advice or not. My guess is maybe you should go to a salon that knows how to cut natural hair and take it from there. Good luck!!!!
- Maria

Big Chop: 9/23/07
Relaxer free for almost 5 years!

I went ahead and got some long layers done. I don't like the way the hairdresser styled it but hopefully I can get it to look better. Either way, a lot more of the damaged ends are gone and my hair looks a lot healthier.

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