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the bunni 01-22-2008 11:37 PM

perm to natural .. w out big chop??
hey everybody,
Well i currently have permed hair and I really want to grow it out and leave my hair natural. I have 3b hair which basically falls to my shoulders. I really don't want to cut off all my hair to do this transition thing. I've heard that i can grow it out but won't that make my hair fall out? Because i REALLY don't want that lol.

If you could help me that would be grrrreat =)
thanks :blob7:

mariag002 01-23-2008 09:18 AM


Originally Posted by the bunni (Post 470827)
hey everybody,
Well i currently have permed hair and I really want to grow it out and leave my hair natural. I have 3b hair which basically falls to my shoulders. I really don't want to cut off all my hair to do this transition thing. I've heard that i can grow it out but won't that make my hair fall out? Because i REALLY don't want that lol.

If you could help me that would be grrrreat =)
thanks :blob7:

Yes you can definitely grow out your hair without doing a big chop. I had every intention of doing just that last year, but I grew impatience and the 2 textures got on my nerves. If I were you I'd get it trimmed at least every 3 months. That's what my sister did to my niece and its been about 17 months for her and she probably has 2 inches of relaxed hair left and her natural hair is below shoulder length.

Flower princess 01-23-2008 09:29 AM

The only way you can do it since you don't want to cut it..Is to let your hair grow naturally (by not relaxing the new growth anymore) till you reach the length you want then cut the remaining relaxed hair. In this process you can trim your relaxed hair slowly by slowly or cut it all at once when you reach the appropriate length .Your hair will not fall out at least mine hasn't fall out till now:) Just do deep treatments,moisturize your hair and generally take good care of it in this period.You may need to comb your hair lesser since the point the relaxed and the natural hair meets is very fragile.Hope this help.Good luck to you!

missmonie 01-23-2008 12:08 PM

I can definitely grow your hair out without doing a BC. I transitioned for 17 months before cutting the relaxer. However, I wouldn't recommend that you do what I did...which was flat iron my hair every 1-2 weeks smooth the new growth. It made my transition process easier...but I think I ended up suffering from heat damage (sections of my hair aren't very curly). I agree with what the other ladies deep treatments, moisturize, and try twist sets and other styles to match the two textures. Good luck with your transition!

Natrlchallenge 01-23-2008 08:22 PM

I'm doing that now. I'm 1 month post relaxer and I'm going to attempt a transition without the BC.:wink: I am going to be a WNG queen when the weather gets warmer.

E.B. 01-23-2008 09:24 PM

Yes, you can transition without the big chop. I'm doing that now. I've seen fotki albums of others who are doing that.

I agree with the others about doing deep treatments and moisturizing.

It should help if you detangle in the shower under running water with conditioner in your hair, if you don't already do that. I plan to do twistouts and braidouts during my transition. Maybe I'll occasionally flat iron.

WhitRayeRob 01-30-2008 04:37 PM

I plan on transitioning without a REALLY short BC. I assume I'll cut off all the relaxer after about 12 more months of Transitioning. I decided I need to stop being afraid of what it will look like in 6 months or a year...etc. I just need to take my hair day by day and when I need to do the BC I will. :)

I'm learning a lot from this website, and it's teaching me to be okay with myself no matter what. I'm not sure if this even applies to this thread but whatever :)!

LeeLee182 01-30-2008 07:29 PM

IA with the other ladies, it is definitely possible you just have to take the steps to keep it healthy. I transitioned for about 19 months..i think i only used heat once in the beginning and that was when i had no intention of even going natural.

I pretty much have my hair journey completely logged in my fotki, once i had a certain amount of natural hair i started wearing more wash n' was fun for the most part.

Good luck with your transition.

Mo_Gemini22 01-30-2008 08:27 PM

I have been transitioning since July 07. My last relaxed style was a Rianna/Victoria Beckam type bob. I'm scared to chop off mine too! I have had kinky twists for about 3 months. I took them out in December. My hair grew alot. Right now I am wearing a 3B wig and I have my hair in about braids underneath. I may get braids or twists again. Like everyone says CONDITION and MOISTURIZE!!!

Everyone is very helpful with product suggestions too! :)

cclark1 01-30-2008 10:27 PM

I, too, am not planning on bcing. I'm so glad that I have company. Honestly, I'm really learning how to take good care of the new growth. I come here and ask questions and you girls are always gracious and knowledgeable, no matter what I ask.

ShauniceL 02-06-2008 04:41 PM

I, too, have not done the BC and don't plan to. I've been transitioning since April 07 and my hair is not falling out. Someone suggested I use Aphogee treatments and sit under the hairdryer to avoid the breakage where the two textures meet, I did and I must say that it has tremendously reduced the breakage.
Last relaxer: April 07
4A hair type

Curly Dee 02-07-2008 02:27 PM

I transitioned for 12 months before cutting off a great deal of my relaxed ends. (I trimmed the last of the ends off 6 months after the initial cut.) I blended the two textures by roller-setting my hair 1-2 times per week and wrapping my hair nightly and securing with a silk scarf. I think this method helped me to retain the health of my hair without having to apply too much heat. I didn't experience any breakage.

You have a lot of options for a long transition. Good luck!

jenniferohjenny 02-10-2008 12:15 AM

I'm pretty much ITA w/ the other ladies. My 1st transition was about 14 months until I cut the last relaxed ends off and my natural hair was shoulder length.

One of the ladies mentioned heat damage from flat ironing, and I think I may have had that too last time, so this time my 2nd transition is 100% heat-less. I air dry naturally or plop w/ an old T-shirt then twist or cornrow. I will not trim my ends for 6 months. I began my 2nd transition in November 2007 and things are going well.

Also, sulfate free poos, or CO wash only are also good for transitioning. Ditto the other ladies, LOTS of moisture.

Good luck and ENJOY your transition - this is the time to experiment with all kinds of styles, products and tools.

Curlydoll 02-13-2008 10:43 PM

I'm doing that now. I'm 8-9 months post relaxer, and I haven't done a BC yet. I may do one when I reach the one year mark, but so far, I'm trying to keep it.

I've been doing trims, and just did a 3-4 inch cut. I will probably do another cut like that in June/July. I went from BSL to APL in back and shoulder/collarbone in front.

I know it's possible to avoid a BC, but I think the pattern of your hair will set better once you are fully natural.

LaBelleChele 02-18-2008 02:48 PM

I'm currently transitioning without the BC. I've been doing deep conditioning treatment and doing low manipulation styles. I find that the less that I do with my hair, the more it grows. The more it grows, the more I can cut the relaxed parts off. I colored my hair in Jan '07(one month after my last relaxer) and I've been using the colored parts as my "demarcation" line.

GoddessCurls 02-23-2008 01:52 PM

I transitioned without BC. I just couldn't have really short hair. Length has always been really important to me. I just started wearing my hair curly and following techniques in the curlygirl book or from this site. You couldn't even really tell where the two textures met. Just be really careful with your hair, treat it like old lace and pay attention to the ingredients in your hair products. I eventually cut the rest off but by then the cut only took it too above my shoulders around my neck.

avourene 11-03-2008 09:27 PM

I decided yesterday to stop with the perms. I'm done and I'm so excited. I'm thinking about getting micros. I have to boys under the age of three so I don't have time for anything. I think braids will give my hair a break and ease me through the transition period. Even though I permed my hair i would still wear it culy once and a while by experimenting with different gels and leave-in products. I am just hoping I can achieve the same look with my natural hair. It has been so long. I was a little girl and the choice wasn't mine. I would never do that to a child. I am ready to make the transition. So sick of thin brittle hair. I want my natural hair back. I am old enough to handle the backlash and have the means to get the products to help me along the way. Any advice?

KurleeEdna 11-16-2008 08:29 PM

Welcome, avourene, and congratulations on your decision to "end the madness".

I stopped relaxing a year ago and have only had a few short trims. Although the two textures do frustrate me at times, I find that regular deep conditioning and moisturizing treatments have helped.

If you can afford it, you may want to try products with no sulfates and low (or no) silicones and stick to more natural ingredients like butters and oils. (Olive oil and avocado butters seem to work best in my mostly 3C hair.) You may have to experiment to see what works best for you.

I decided I wasn't going to spend money on expensive products until I get all the relaxer cut off (maybe in January/February 2009), but that's just me.

Let us know how things go with you. :toothy5:

Currently experimenting with:
Pre-shampoo treatment - Burt's Bees Avocado Butter
Shampoo - Max Green Alchemy (Organic)
Rinse-out Conditioner - Suave Naturals Coconut (I detangle in the shower while I have this in my hair)
Deep Treatment - Olive Oil Replenishing Pak
Leave-In Treatment - Alternating between Olive Oil Moisturizing Lotion and Sunsilk Anti-Esponja (these have some silicones)
Styling Gel - Bioterra Styling Gel

rockthecurlz 11-17-2008 10:17 AM

LaBelleChele, I'm doing the same thing! I colored my hair one month after and now that is what I'm going by. Transitioning now for 9mo. :)

Maricopa 01-20-2010 07:51 PM

Big Chop
Does anyone know the proper way to do a big chop. I've seen on videos/youtube of big chops being done on freshly wash and conditioned hair. While other video were done on dry hair does it matter wet or dry???? I am considering doing my big chop soon, I am 7 months into transitioning from relax to natural.:glasses7:

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