One Patch of Hair that is not like the rest!

I have one patch of hair in the middle of my head that is a different texture from the rest of my hair. It's also alot shorter, I guess it doesn't grow fast like the rest of my hair. My new growth is wavy/curly while the patch which is half the size of my new growth (patch is longer) is straight. I never bothered with it before because I always got relaxers but now that I am going through a transition it's now infuriating! Not only is it a different texture but my scalp also gets really irritated in that spot. I think I have new growth underneath it... I think. What am I supposed to do with this patch of hair? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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Welcome to my world!

I have 3C curly hair but I have a patch in the very front that just won't cooperate. I could poems about it all day cuz its constantly breaking my heart LOL I guess I will learn to love my frizz in the front.
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- Maria

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That was the front. This is the picture of the rest of my hair (wet with conditioner & aloe vera gel). See my dilemma?
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- Maria

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Relaxer free for almost 5 years!

Honestly I have a similar problem, except the hair on the crown of my hair is much kinkier then my curls as it comes in (probably has to do with the fact that I have a TON of breakage up there and a shorter layer on top, so less weight to pull down the kinks) like Maria, I just figure it's a weird patch. I have to learn to love and deal with it as it grows out. One thing I've found is you just have to be patient. Give your patch another month or so and see if it evens out a bit. You'll find ways to deal with it. It's a long process, and gives you a chance to be creative with yourself Good Luck!

I understand your frustration though...Journaling helps get your emotions out, even about hair haha it helped me a lot actually you should try it maybe? It's very therapeutic!
When I was growing out my relaxer I just figured it was what people call "scab hair." Well my beloved scab hair is now 8 inches long LMAO Its soft to the touch, but not like the rest of my hair. If its extra nappy, hey so be it, but it doesn't curl either and the rest of my hair does so its kinda frustrating. I have learned to just deal with it and eventually I might even learn to love it.
- Maria

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Relaxer free for almost 5 years!

I'm so glad that people feel my pain! It makes me happy ! For right now I will just rant in my journal about until I figure out how to care for it.

"Some people say that cats are sneaky, evil, and cruel. True, and they have many other fine qualities as well.

I <3 Cats!
Oh my goodness TwoMoons....we have the exact same problem. I have a PATCH in the middle of my head on the right side. I'm a transitioner have been for about 2 months now. I'm still trying to find the right product for my 3B/3C/4A hair. My hair is BSL and it doesn't quite lay flat and it doesn't quite curl up into a nice curly hairstyle just yet (I want to ultimately have the curly hairstyle that doesn't look like a dry afro but doesn't look like a wet mop either)'s simply in-between those 2 style. But that one patch of hair is killing me. It's so much more noticably shorter than the rest of my hair. I love having long hair so I'm learning how to cope with it. The one thing that keeps me from crying is the fact that I feel like I did it to myself for trying to straighten and relax my hair for years when all my hair wants to be is curly in it's natural state. My hair thrives off of moisture and I still have not found the dreamy leave-in conditioner I crave. I use Motions Shampoo & Conditioner and I love the way they leave my hair nice and soft but the minute I get out of the shower, it's like my hair dries in the form of straw. Choosing the right product for curly hair that leaves it moistured without the frizz while giving me the curl definition is SOOOOOOO confusing!!!
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Count me in.

You know the area where guys go bald(front center to the crown - like a mohawk)? That area on me is maybe a 3 a/b. The area that would be left on a balding guy - the part that is on the sides above the ears wrapping around to the back - is pretty much straight with a slight bend at the ends. It's maybe a 2a.

All my adult life I've tried to perm my hair to make the "mohawk" curly area match the rest of the straighter hair. I've only recently started to try to make the straighter parts match the curly parts.

So far I've found braiding while wet, scrunching, and plopping to work ok. It still doesn't match exactly, but it doesn't stand out as much as if I left it alone.

Hope that helps.
I always had that problem with the middle part of my hair all the way in the back-i did everything to moisturize it as best as i can-best solution for me was to condition everyday while in the shower-after i shower i smooth a little bit of conditioner through my hair-after doing this for about a week i saw results and the backside of my hair hasn’t been dull or extra frizzy since-idk if this would work for everyone but may b it will work for u- i also add a little sheen spray b4 my hair drys
ugh im having the same issue in the back of my head. in the back there is a small patch where the texture is slighty coarser than the rest of my hair. no matter what i do to it, it will still feel kinda rough. im not sure if this is scab hair, but its annoying. it only comes out smooth if i get a wash and set.

also the right side of my hair is curlier than the left side, its so annoying but i think its because of all the yrs of relaxers.
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