my hair won't curl!!

hey all!
i need your help.... i have type 3a curly hair naturally, but managed to destroy it a few months ago with a bad perm over bleach. yeah, i know! so, my hair wasn't curling at all.... now, i have cut out most of the bad and am continuing to cut on it bit by bit, but i am tired of having to straighten my hair. it dries naturally mostly and just is a mess, instead of being curly. is there some way i can fix this?

i would appreciate any help!
A lot of people have suffered from chemical damage that's caused their hair to stop curling altogether. Unfortunately there's not much you can do now to fix the damaged hair, but I would still condition and take care of the new growth so that this doesn't happen again.

One method you could try is finger-curling, which may help you form curls and with the right products they'll stay all day.

Start with sopping wet hair and finger comb a leave-in through you hair. On top of that finger-comb a gel or gel-like product. After that, start from the back of your head and began grabbing small sections of hair and twirling them around you index finger until you can't twirl it anymore. Slowly slide your finger out and your hair should've formed a tiny ringlet. Repeat this all over your head.

And if that doesn't work, you could try rollers or pin curls. HTH
I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.
Hello curly hair friends. I have/had type 3 hair,with beautiful full curls that I always took for granted. Getting ready was easy, wet hair, crunch gel and hairspray and I was out the door. A few months back after having my daughter I decided I needed a change and wanted to go lighter than my dyed jet black hair. My new stylist bleached it...4 times or more! I went from black, to red, to orange, to blonde with highlights in about two months. Needless to say now my hair is dead! I wash it and it just limps straight. I brush it and clumps of hair fall out. I need help! I'm so desperate, I just want my hair old hair back. I have since dyed it back to black but my hair is still the same! I need advice, please please help! Will I EVER get my curls back? What products should I use or am I destined to have this thin limp hair forever!?!
@emmaj and christina221307- I am just learning all this stuff myself, but I think you both need to invest in good Deep Protein and Deep Conditioning treatments at least once a week, perhaps twice weekly. The Deep Protein treatments should be followed immediately by the Deep Conditioning. They will improve the condition and responsiveness of your hair even if they don't return your curl. I am sorry I haven't enough experience yet to recommend products, but I am sure if you look around for posts/threads on DP and DC, you will find suggestions, and maybe others with more experience than I will make recommendations to you. Good luck on your journey.
I was in the same boat pretty much a few months ago. I had used a flat iron to straighten my hair ( daily ) and it started looking dry and crunchy! So, I finally decided to embrace my waves and stop burning my hair. For the first month, I had no curl...just a lot of frizz! I thought I had ruined it for good, but finally the waves came back and it looks better than ever! I towel dry my hair and use a mousse and a little gel and just let it air dry now! Just give it time and I peromise the curl will come back! It takes a while for hair to recover when it's been damaged, but be patient cause they will come back!

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