Shea butter as a deep treatment

I was wondering, do any of you ladies use unrefined shea butter to deep condition your hair? Do you do it on wet or dry hair?
I just bought some unrefined Shea butter to use for that very same purpose....I found it is much easier to apply to dry hair...I tried to apply it to damp hair right after a DT and it didn't work so well...
It seems like it would be very hard to rinse out. Have you tried it yet? Let us know how it works out for you.
Naturally Curly - 3b/3c
I have been using it for a few weeks now, and I really like it. I live in Florida, and it is especially useful for when it gets so humid out that my hair wants to frizz out near the roots. I put a little shea butter in between my hands and rub it into my dry hair, and it works wonders!

It can be a bit heavy, so you might have to experiment with the optimal amount to apply...I would start with just a bit...too much can weigh you hair down. If you put too much in, just co-wash really good and use an acv to clarify. I found that that works just fine.

The added bonus is while it is taming your frizzies, it is also moisturizing your hair at the same time!

Hope this helps!! Good luck!!
Ah, I see. I guess I misunderstood your post! I thought you meant to apply shea butter to wet hair as a deep conditioner!

But dry hair - yes, I get that! In fact, I pretty much do that everyday! I use Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter which is mostly shea butter. I use it like a gel to smooth my hair down. Works wonders! I've been doing this for probably 5 years now!
Naturally Curly - 3b/3c

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