I am in need of inspiration for my hair

So I have been on a hair journey since January 2007, and I am still at square 1. I feel like I am even worse than I started off. I started off using Nubian Silk hair products it did nothing for my hair. Then I used Elucence hair products and I felt it did nothing for my hair either. In August 2007 after a year of transitioning I relaxed. In November 2007, I decided to transition again. I have been using braids since then. I made alot of progress, but yesterday I used a commercial shampoo and conditioner, and my hair got so tangled. I don't want to give up beause I go by the phrase if your hair is unmanageable it is because you are not taking care of it enough. I wantto start using Aubrey Organics products and then continuing the Crown and Glory method. Can you ladies offer me any tips on regimens, or anything else. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well you've came to the right place! I had tons of breakage, etc with my relazed hair. I started wearing wigs and braids and just decided to grow it out. I cut off the permed part little by little. I'm experimenting with TONS Of different products, but I've found my way by all the recommendations that are on this site. I will say this though..see it through...Even when my hair is dry..I'
ve developed a strong corkscrew pattern..so when it's wet, or when I put ANY type of product on it..the curls definately shine through..so you're on your way..keep up the good work hun!
4a FINALLY seeing about 3.5 inches of growth.

Currently using..Lustrasilk Shea butter and Cholesterol, Garnier Fructis soft curl cream, Doo Gro Mega Thickening hair oil

Last relaxer Easter 08!
I've been transitioning as well and had a lot of breakage. What I've found most important is to still treat my relaxed hair like relaxed hair and treat my natural hair like natural hair. I know it sounds crazy, but it has worked so far. I DO NOT wash my hair everyday, and that would mean detangling and my hair is far to sensitive right now. I only co-wash. I roller set my hair and wrap with a scarf every night. I don't care if my roots are a little nappy, usually once I wrap my hair and sleep on it they get a little straighter. I apply moisture, but only to my roots (since a wrap is more of a dry style). The rest of my hair is already conditioned though (I do a deep treatment Everytime I wash, that is critical). I also add things to my deep treatment conditioners (I have found that coconut milk (unsweetened) and olive oil do wonders for my hair). I really try to leave my hair alone as much as possible. More manipulation of the hair usually means more breakage. Most importantly, Don't Get Discouraged! I've had many a cry over my hair. My fiancee just stares at me because he can't believe I take a few strands of hair in the drain that seriously, but I do! The ladies at Naturally Curly have been a great help to me and they will to you as well. All of their hair has become my inspiration!
I'm learning that if you are a 4 of any type you need to go protective a lot so the C&G method makes a lot of sense. I've also been converted to using a lot more buttery products, putting in and leaving in a lot more conditioner in my hair -- in other words -- up the moisture. I gave up shampoos and now only use Chagrin Valley superfatted soaps and my hair loves it. I do oil rinses after shampooing and before conditioning. The gels I use mostly have an aloe vera base. Anything to put moisture into my hair while it's wet so it says soft and moisturized when it's dry.
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
i am also transitioning again after being natural for 14 months. i hope that i can make it this time. the good thing is i didnt relax bone straight. i still have alot of texture, so i dont worry about breakage because i only telaxed my hair like 25%. so its going to be easier and i wont have to the BC!

* con detangling poo.
* giovanni direct LIC.
* giovanni SAS con.
* Fantasia IC gel (green)
* coconut oil. (HG)
* alma oil.
* amla powder
* shikakai powder.(HG)
* Shea butter.
* Lustrasilk shea butter and mango cholestrol.(HG)

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GHL: 14-15 inches all around!
Hair type:4a/ with some 4b
Transitioning again with no BC!
21 weeks post relaxer!
I'm learning that if you are a 4 of any type you need to go protective a lot so the C&G method makes a lot of sense.
Originally Posted by Suburbanbushbabe
She is absolutely right. That is the advice I give everyone w/ a texture of 4 and above, even some 3c's benefit. I wore my hair loose for the first few months and it was hell when I air dried. It would lock up and take me HOURS to detangle. Even when I washed in big braids or twists. Try keeping your hair in braid/twist extensioins, sew-ins, roller sets, and/or curlformers. It will stretch your roots and prevent the locking. My hair is in a knot right now which is why I went out and bought some curlformers to do a set with. This locking and detangling is getting old REALLY fast.
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maybe you should try mixing your shampoo with your conditioner to make it more moisturizing for your hair? That's what I've been doing. I also get a shampoo that says - mositurizing shampoo.

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If you're thinking about Aubrey Organics, I highly suggest AO Honeysuckle Rose. Thicker than sunscreen and really moisturizing. Others love AO Island Naturals, AO GPB, AO White Camellia, and Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner.

Keep trying!
3b/c, CG 9/18/08
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