It has been almost 11 months...

I decided almost a year ago that enough was enough. I had my hair relaxed for about 3 years and then got a thermal permanent straightening for two years. It was getting extremely expensive and my hair would still be slightly frizzy after washing and I would have to run it through the flat iron.
When I made the final decision to switch I decided to get a perm to help me transition. It was pretty easy for me, I didn't have to do much until it wore off about 3 months later. I've been frustrated since and I've had to use a curling iron (which takes just as long as straightening with a flat iron) so usually I just straighten. I would like an easier method however...any ideas?
I still have about 3-4 inches of straight hair and the ends drive me insane!
Try braiding your hair wet. I've been transitioning for 11 months from a chemical relaxer too, and braiding wet helps achieve a more uniform texture.
Yep, I agree with winifred. Braid your hair when it's wet and put perm rods on the ends (or a roller the size of the curl you're after). It will help your hair to look more uniform and keep away the heat!
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One more thing- should I do a single braid or a few? My hair is layered
One more thing- should I do a single braid or a few? My hair is layered
Originally Posted by curlyorstraight
It depends on how curly you want it to be. The more braids, the tighter the curl.

I have long layers and I do 4 braids. Also, I start braiding at ear level, which is where my relaxed hair starts (I have about 6 inches of new hair growth).

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