natural hair managment (new member)

I'm a brand new member who just had got a BC (that means big cut right???) about 2 weeks ago...
I'm really excited to get back to being natural but I'm a little hazy on how to manage it (like daily washing and moisturizing .....I'm a 3b/3c and a tiny bit of my ends are straight (it's the last bit of the relaxer)
i would love any advice you guys would like to give to start me out....
thanks so much!!!
PS. I've been reading some posts and I'm so clueless as to what some of the terms are on this board....ex: what is co-washing?? lol thanks again
Welcome! Co-washing is washing your hair with conditioner that doesn't contain silicones. It helps hair retain moisture.
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WELCOME!!!You can check the terms here:

a tip:
The alcohols in many products are emollients, which are moisturizing to the hair. Many of the alcohols are by-products of vegetable sources, such as Cetyl alcohol Cetaryl alcohol. But there are alcohols that are drying to the hair, which has the opposite affect of the aforementioned. These include alcohol denat, SD alcohol, etc.
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It would be helpful if you post some pictures. Everyone will have a better idea of what to suggest. I have 3b/c hair and what works for me might not work for you. Every curl is unique.

I am so excited for you. It is definitely a journey.
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