Is my transitioned hair damaged?

So, I've been natural for about two years now. Just recently cut my hair into the Rihanna bob - short in the back long in the front - with really nice layers. The problem is when I want to wear my hair curly - it turns into a big mess. I mean the lower 1/3 of my head has cute ringlets then once I get to the middle part of it is wavy and the rest is straight. As for the front and temples - it's all straight too! So what's wrong - is it damaged from heat? I usually have it straightened with a hot comb every 2 weeks.
I don't know if its damaged or if that's just my curl pattern - some ringlets here and the rest is straight? If anyone can help - let me know. because my hair is so weird looking - its hard to gage what curl type I really am.
Do you use a heat protector whenever you straighten your hair and what temperature do you set it in?
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Hmmm it sounds like heat damage to me, but can you send us a picture just to be sure?
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