Oh Gosh this hair, lol. Transitioning

Hi Everyone,

My name is Nicole. A couple of months ago I decided it was a shame that I didn't even remember what my natural hair looked like (I've been relaxing if for at least the last 15 years) and decided to go natural. Part of the reason is because I'm living in Europe now and I have found a level of acceptance here that I never found in America. For example, when I told my mother I was transitioning she said "Oh god why? Your hair is so pretty with relaxer!". When I told my finacee I was transitioning (who is Eastern European by the way) he was really excited to see my natural hair.

I was excited to...in the beginning, now, not so much. It's been four months since my last relaxer and my hair is breaking terribly! My hair has always been pretty fragile, but now if I look at it falls out! To ensure that I dont' relax my hair I threw out the one I had and since there are no african american products in sight in this county (Romania) I am completely at a loss. I have my mother send me some hair care products (Blended Beauty, My Honey Child) but I'm really starting to freak out. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.

I'm also attaching pics of me with relaxer and my current curly do.
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Oh Gosh this hair, lol. Transitioning-m_25e48a747a229b9299c4e8fca4907bf9%5B1%5D.jpg   Oh Gosh this hair, lol. Transitioning-natural.jpg  
you are very pretty and i bet you would look beautiful natural. I dont really have any advice because for me-it happend so fast-plus im still learning-It helps to take a look at the diff threads-Mayb show some picsof your new growth?
Wow! you are pretty! I wish I had some advice too, but I'm also really new to the game, LOL. I know that transitioning is difficult, but I agree with xfoxelil1xx, there is a lot of info on the boards and a lot of inspiration too, do a search and hopefully you'll find what you're looking for. Unfortunately, I can't really tell what your hair is like from your pictures, so I don't know if we have a similar texture, otherwise I might suggest some of the products I like. Even if I did though, it will take your experimenting to be sure that the product will work well for your hair. Anyway, good luck and if you ever really feel like relaxing again - AND you don't want to. Just post a note here, and I'm sure lots of helpful folks will do their best to talk you down from the ledge, LOL. HHG!
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Thank you for your compliments! I don't really have any other transition pics now, but my hair is definitely in the 3c, 4a category.
Hello you are very pretty! What is your hair routine like? Maybe we could help.
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I used to wash and roller set it, but it's too hot to sit under a dryer over here so usually I just wash and go. I do more co-washes than anything. I deep condition every time I wash (garnier fructis fortifying mask mixed with egg and olive oil for about 2 hours). Then I wash out and let my hair air dry. The problem is that I HAVE to style it everyday. Whatever I do to my hair at night never lasts until morning (unless I do bantu knots or something). I don't even have a silk/satin scarf, I'm waiting for a lot of stuff to be shipped to me.

Thank you for all you help everyone, I really appreciate it!
Good Luck Nicole,
Conditioner washing seems to be a good idea. What conditioners are you using for washing? If you are doing this everyday, make sure the conditioner is low in "cones" and proteins which can make the hair dry or brittle. I like Trader Joes's Norish Spa balancing moisterizer and Aubrey organics conditioner. I like Wen (cleansing conditioner - can be pricey). You can also Suave conditioner for washing which is cheaper. Maybe you need to do protective styles for now if wet sets with twists or braids aren't working. My hair is 4aish.
Just make sure that since u are co-washing that the conditioner you are using does not contain silicones or has water soluble cones. Otherwise, you need to shampoo to remove the cones so it doesn't build up on ur hair and cause drying. Also, protective styles, I think, are a definite must during transition so that you do not have to manipulate ur hair so much. It is extremely fragile during this period at the line of demarcation (where ur relaxed and natural hair meet). I remember when I transitioned I got a lot of breakage to. A protein treatment, Aphogee has a good one, might also help, but don't do those too often.

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Nicole, what was your hair routine before going natural? Some might disagree with me, but it was easier for me to take care of my new growth if I just kept taking care of my hair like if it was relaxed. Rollersetting helped, putting my hair in a bun, using a headband. I felt like after the 6th month and I found my groove it was easier for me to manage. I would flatiron the front just to make it look more uniform, but just be careful with heat damage.
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Nickfish, congratulations on transitioning. You can get natural pure oils (castor, EVOO, grapeseed), vegetable glyercin, honey and aloe vera and add those to conditoners to enhance the moisture. Or mix a little of each with water and make a moisture spritz. You can ditch the sulfate shampoos and heavy silicone products and start condition-washing with cheap non-silicone containing conditioners. If you can get a protein treatment, do an occasional one. You can do an oil rinse after washing (applying lot of oil to wet hair then rinsing thouroughly, and then conditioning). All this can help enhance the moisture content of your hair and help retard breakage.

You can get along without a lot of commercial products - and this statement is coming from a stone product junkie, okay? Product-wise if you can get stuff from the U.K., Anita Grant makes wonderful products. If Qhemet ships internationally, consider that line.

It's not necessarily African-American products you need, but high moisture conditioners, etc . And a protein treatment (Nexxus, Sebastian, Joico). The Blended Beauty Herbal reconditoner is excellent. And if you can get your hands on some bentonite clay or rhassoul (Morroccan) clay, mix it with water and a little oil and do a hair mask on clean wet hair. Then condition.

Another great homemade moisture treatment is something called the Carmel Treament (that's the commercial name). it's basically pureed bananas (or babyfood bananas), wheat germ oil, a little cornstarch for thickening, molasses, honey and apple cider vinegar. It softens the new growth wonderfully, I hear.
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Thank you so much Suburbanbushbabe! I really like your idea about the caramel treatment! I'm definitely going to try it. I know that I have to be extra gentle on my hair now that's it's growing out. It's just unbelievable the difference between the two textures! I'll be in the shower combing my hair out, starting from the bottom and everything is fine. But once I hit those roots!!! LOL, I'll just have to be patient and learn I guess. Thanks again!
Caramel (or carmel) treatment thread

Also check out Fotkis of Micheli07 and Mstoya for recipes
My blog - http://suburbanbushbabe.wordpress.com/
My FOTKI - http://whatsnew.fotki.com/suburbanbushbabe/

Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
ur natural hair is pretty! just keep ur moisturized moisturized! some transition styles u can try is setting ur hair in flexi-rods, two strand twists on wet hair with perma rods on the ends is another great transition style.
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Thank you mixed_beauty85! Funny that you wrote it, I'm having my mother mail me some flexi rods this week!
Caramel (or carmel) treatment thread

Also check out Fotkis of Micheli07 and Mstoya for recipes
Originally Posted by Suburbanbushbabe

I'm such a product junkie too! I know I can make the caramel treatment, but I bought it online from http://www.etaeproducts.com/. My mother is going to have a fit when she see all of the stuff she has to send to Europe, lol. It's also that there are a few things in the caramel recipie that they don't have here, or would be impossible to find. So I just order it to my U.S. address and let my mother do the rest! Thanks again!
I have 3b/c hair and straightened my hair for many years. When I decided to transition I did it by blow drying and straitening (w/flat iron) my new growth to match the old straight stuff. I did that until my new growth was long enough to stand on it's own and then I cut all the straight stuff off. While I was going through this, I tried to handle my hair very gently. Even washing or co-washing was a gentle, time consuming affair for me. My hair broke off at the demark line like crazy. Being more gentle in the handling of it helped a lot. Good luck. Your hair is so pretty I know you and everyone around you will love it curly!
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You know what!We have the same issue.Last time a tried a hair protein treatment (it helps to cut down the breakage i tried it on my mom,my sister and me and it worked) !
You can find some at the stores that sell salon products and appliances just find one and ask for a protein treatment (they may tell you they have a lot but just choose one that write protein on it because most of the conditioners have a little protein in them already butt they don't work as good.Buy one that says either protein treatment or hair reconstructor )
OR you can also ask your mom to send you some ''aphogee 2 step protein treatment'' i believe this will do.

Hope this helped good luck and WELCOME
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Thank you mixed_beauty85! Funny that you wrote it, I'm having my mother mail me some flexi rods this week!
Originally Posted by nickfish
yes, they will create some pretty spirals for you! im normally not good at styling my hair myself, but those things are so easy to use that anyone can do it.

plz let us kno how that works out for u
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Thank you everyone for your help. I'm still deep conditioning, but now I rollerset my hair every time I wash (it reallys seems to help straighten out the new growth and keep the breakage down) even though it's extremely hot here and no air conditioning, lol! I'm still waiting for my other products in the mail, but will certainly post pics once I use them. Again, thanks for your help everyone!
I can't offer any advice as I don't have the same hair as you.

But, I think your hair is so much more prettier in the after picture. It looks alot more natural and suits you more. So, if you're freaking out over the way it looks, don't! It looks really nice

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