Help me Save me! My hair's confused.

Okay. I've decided (obviously) to go natural. Right now I'm using all types of shampoos conditioners and oils. My hair is a 4b and it's not uniform curls all others. It's like a big puff of nap. SMH...but hey..what can ya do, right? So I'm keeping it under wigs and conditioning it and I'm sure I need to use other products. I'm looking for what can promote healthy hair growth, what can keep my hair moisturized, and what will help my hair curl up and stay shiny and cute all day. I'm keeping it in braids and wigs because I can't wear it out anywhere because it won't stay moisturized and curly. Even if I wanted to wear it as a fro, it still won't stay moisturized! GRRR. So far the only product I've got ont he horizon is olive oil stuf and curly pudding. But I'm gonna look into curly buttercreme soon. HELP! Any suggestions!
Hello!! First off, make sure you aren't using too much product on your hair, that could definately confuse your hair! Have you worked out a set regimen? I would reccomend finding one shampoo(if you choose), one conditioner, one deep conditioner, and a leave in/styling aid. This way you can pinpoint what you hair likes and does not like.

Since you are going natural, keep in mind two things: moisture and more moisture!!you are gonna need it to keep the line of demarcation from becoming an issue and beginning to break off. So remember to keep your hair hydrated.

Try and do a DT(deep treatment) once a week, to keep your hair healthy. It is important to keep a balance between the protein and moisture levels in your hair, but it is always safe to err on the side of moisture, especially if your hair is dry. Here are some recipe's you can make yourself

In terms of keeping your hair soft and curly, i would recommend co-washing, which is pretty much washing with conditioner. Just take about a palm size amt of conditioner in your hair and work it through your hair and scalp, until its saturated. Leave it on until your done in the shower, and then rinse it off. I would recommend adding another good amount of conditioner to your hair, and smoothing it through to cover your hair, this helps clump your curls together. Then you can take a quarter size amount or so of a light gel, to give you even more definition and hold. Shake your head lightly, and then gently plop with a towel. You can diffuse or let air dry and don't touch it!! You don't want to disturb the curl pattern.

Leaving in the conditioner not only helps encourage curls, but really aids in keeping your hair moisturized, which is the key for curly hair. I like to use suave naturals tropical coconut, vo5's free me freesia and strawberries and cream and herbal essences hello hydration(all of them are super cheap too. Trader Joe's has nourish spa, which is a great conditioner, cheap, and really effective.

Good luck on your journey, you will love getting to know your hair!

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