BC in NJ?? Any advice/suggestions?

Hi y'all...I'm about to go through with the BC after about 7 months of transitioning. I'm looking at about 3-5 inches (pre-shrinkage) of 3c/4a hair.

Geez, I'm so nervous about this that I'm tempted to do it myself...but my hands start shaking every time I lift the scissors and the LAST thing I need is to cut a bald patch in my head!

My question is...does anyone have any recommendations of where I can get the BC done? I'm living in Princeton, NJ, and need a salon relatively easily accessible by public transportation (college student = no car).
never mind...I'm doing it myself...it's gonna be pretty short (and only slightly traumatizing...this is the 2nd time I've gone through with this)...but hopefully it'll turn out okay.

I'll be sure to post pictures when I can!
Hey Good luck with your cut. If you've already done it, I hope it wasn't too traumatic, and please do post pics when you can!!
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I ended up holding out until September for the BC and I haven't looked back. Today, I'm officially 1 year (and 2 days) since my last relaxer! Pictures of the first day post-BC and my Nappiversary picture below!

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BC in NJ?? Any advice/suggestions?-n1107878_32693239_6725.jpg   BC in NJ?? Any advice/suggestions?-n1107878_32693296_9522.jpg  
Good for you! I think you look pretty with short hair - you might consider leaving it!

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yay! congrats! looks beautiful!
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