Not sure of my hair type... New in ATL!

and the daily clarifying for the shampoo that i do every now and then.
Originally Posted by soon2b
Question: I was interested in the clarifying daily from Suave (since I do blow out my hair some days) but it has 'cones in it. I thought we are to stay away from any kind of silicone?
Yeah I was wondering about that too... it does have a lot of 'cones in it...
Last perm: May 30, 2008
Big Chopped on: November 2, 2008!!!
Co-wash every other day
Leave in Fantasia IC Conditioner
Fantasia IC gel
Miss Jessies
...I'm trying something different every other day to see what works!

I think that they are water soluble, but I have never had any issues with buildup or anything

Hair Type: small 3c patch in the center, mostly 4a with a patch of 4b at my temples
Shampoo: Suave daily clarifying ( when I feel that need)
Conditioners: AOHSR, MM, olive oil
Styler/Leave-in: SheaMoisture, Fantasia IC, HNS

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