Where are your bc pics? I can't find them anywhere. I'm glad I clicked on your webpage. You sell Arbonne? I LOVE ARBONNE!!! My best friend stopped selling it and switched over to Mary Kay. I even stopped using it and switched over to Aubrey skincare. That left my face a wreck!!! I'm back to Arbonne. Can you please send me a catalog?

Congrats on your BC, Mo!!
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Thanks! I am getting used to the cut.
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My pics are under the Random 4B Thoughts thread. They were taken with my cell phone. I need to get a digital camera.

If you would like to PM me your address, I can send you a catalog!
Last relaxer - July 07
BC - 8/2/08
4B headband-holic
Products in rotation (too many!):
Shampoo - Giovanni Smooth as Silk, Giovanni Tea Tree
Condish - Giovanni Smooth as Silk, Trader Joe Nourish Spa
Leave in - Sheamoisture Curl Milk, KCNT, Giovanni Direct
Deep Treatment - Apoghee Two Step Protein Treatment, Giovanni Nutrafix
Moisturizers - Carefree Curl Gold Spray
Stylers - Sheamoisture Curl Smoothie

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