Newbie...need some begginers advise

Hi all. Last october I decided to go natural, and haven't had a perm since. I went to a salon caled Etae in Philadelphia and had a carmel treatment done. My hair comes out wonderful with the carmel, but I am trying to find a way to soften my hair without going for the straight look. I think my hair is a 4b, but Im not sure. I would like to go for a BC next week, but I dont know what to do when it comes to maintenance and work hairstyles. Today I tried a braid out, and to the "people" at work it was cute, but to others who know me, this isnt the way it was supposed to look.

My hair is excessively dry. I need to know what to use as a daily moisturizer. I have EQ mango butter at home, which seems to work nice...any suggetsions.

Also, I currently use cream of nature shampoo and condintioner recommended by etae to use with their products. (yellowo green bottle)...Any other suggestions.

Also what should I use if I want to do the curly look with twist outs or braid outs with my type of hair? I saw someone on youtube melt raw shae butter and mix it with aloe vera gel.

Help please!!!! Someone please give me a daily regimine!

Here is a link to soem of my pics sometime last december...including one when I was a baby, one right after I took out cornrows, and some after my firts carmel treatment. Maybe someone can definalty tell me what my hair type is as well?
Awww what a cute baby pic.....your hair looked great after the carmel treatment but I didn't see any pics of your natural hair texture.

Your hair may be dry because you need to clarify....Cream of nature products leave a film on the hair that can lead to buildup. If there is buildup on the hair no matter what moisturizing product you apply the hair won't absorb it. I love Kenra Clarifying poo to clarify because they have natural/gentle products.

Here r my product suggestions:
Shampoo- Kenra Moisturizing shampoo
Conditioner- Kenra MC

Leave-in conditioners:
Giovani Direct leave-in
Traders Joes Nourishing conditioner
Neutrogena silk touch

Btw there are many ladies here including myself that use the homemade carmel treatment as a weekly light/medium can airdry after using this treatment you don't have to always straighten the hair. This is what I use to soften my hair.

Also what should I use if I want to do the curly look with twist outs or braid outs with my type of hair? I saw someone on youtube melt raw shae butter and mix it with aloe vera gel. I used whipped shea butter when I twisted my hair with great sucess...I haven't tried shealoe but it is a favorite with many naturals.

This is defintely the time to become a mini product junkie and find what works for you and learn about what ingredients your hair responds to.

To begin building a regime you need to start with the following basic things:
Light/medium protein conditioner
Heavy duty protein conditioner

Good luck with your natural adventure HTH
Following C&G method
Fav products: Kenra MC, Misskey 10en1, VO5 moisturemilks, ACV rinses, Rhassoul clay & WGO
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