So..I am transitioning right now and it has been about 4.5 months since I have had a relaxer. I am not sure how many inches of new growth I have, but it is a good amount. My question is now what do i do? My regimen so far is to wash and deep condition every 3 or 4 days. I either blow dry and press it or just braid it up or do two strand twists. The products I use is Nexxus Color Assure ( My hair was colored as well), Vitale Deep Condition, Infusium 23 Leave-In conditioner, and Nexxus Heat protectant ( when using heat). I do a hot oil treatment every other week as well. I am just asking for any tips that people have to aid in my transition. Thank you
3c/4a texture
-Nexxus ColorAssure Poo ( once in a while)
-Suave Color Care CoWash
-LustreSilk Shea Butter Deep Conditioner ( every other day)
-Henna and Placenta Deep Conditioner
-Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizer
-Olive Oil
-LongAid Curl Activator Gel

*Im a product junkie....sue me*
I have done the transition twice... and I think I will never go back to relaxers again. Knowing how much new growth you have would help, but going by the theory that hair grows from 1/2 inch to 2 inches every month, I would assume you have anywhere from 2-4 inches of new growth. In any case, I would suggest that you start using deep conditioners with natural products. I personally suggest Mixed Chicks deep condtioner. You can also Mixed Chicks leave-in styling cream. This will help you blow your hair out if you still want to wear it straight. I used to put the Matrix anti-frizz spray (from their smoothing line which comes in orange bottles). This product keep the frizz at bay. The second time I transitioned, I didn't straighten at all. I just put in the Mixed Chicks stylinc cream and pulled back into a pony-tail. When I go about 6 inches of new growth, I cut off the relaxer myself and started to condition, put in the styling lotion with my hair was soaking wet, squeeze out excess water with my hand and then style and let it air dry. This seemed to work for me...

Also, the blended beauty products are great as well..... Just remember that you don't need a lot so start with a little work your way up....

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