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Hi all,

I came across this site looking for help with my dauughter Kaya. My angel has beautiful kinky/curly hair (after reading this site I've concluded that it's a 3b/4a), and a very sensitive scalp with sometimes problematic eczama. She's going to kindergarten in a couple of weeks, and wants to look like a "big girl." she says lots of braids and barrettes are for babies! so i'm trying to find ways to let her wear her hair natural so it can look pretty and cute without a lot of products drying her scalp out, flaring up her eczema. After much reading, particularly on this fabulous site, I decided that there's no reason I can't go natural too. I have relaxed hair, and have for 20 years. It's shoulder length, and I've ALWAYS had problems with breakage due to the fact that i exercise daily and the sweat on my head dries my hair out. To make matters worse, because I'm relaxed I can't wash daily to remove the salt from my hair. My only saving grace all these years has been the fact that I don't heat-style my hair often. I pretty much just wear it straight or in a ponytail. My hairdresser bow-dries and flat irons, but I generally don't (maybe 1x per month--if that). But it's still a no-win situation and lately it's gotten wose! My new growth is always thick and coarse, after reading this site I guess it's about a 4a/4b. I haven't ever really experienced what it's like having my own natural hair texture, I have visions of it being supa-fly though! Here's the catch... and please tell me if I'm alone in this...I do NOT want to chop all my hair off. Transitioning, right? How can i still look attractive and presentable at work, (in my covservative, corporate environment) and go natural? So at this juncture, I'm looking for tips and tricks for my beautiful baby girl and myself! Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Wish us luck,

Kim and Kaya
Welcome!!! Well, you've come to the right place!! I transitioned, but only for a short period of time - a little over 4 months. YOu can definitely transition without cutting it all off - there are many who do. The key is moisture and finding the right products for your hair. I think your biggest dilemma will be working with your two textures - I think you will find that your relaxed hair will respond quite differently to certain products than your natural hair. Do a few searches and I'm sure you'll find what you need. Also, if you have very specific questions just post them on the boards, there are a lot of hair gurus around here. Even though I didn't transition very long, I found that twist outs and braid outs worked very well to camouflage the different textures. And they can be very neat and professional, particularly with few cute hair toys to embellish the style.

Regarding your daughter, the same thing goes, moisture, moisture, moisture. Have you heard of or read the "Curly Girl" book? There's lots of information there. But, honestly, I think as you make your way around the boards, you will most likely find answers to all of your hair and your daughter's hair needs. She very cute, by the way!!! Best wishes!!
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Welcome! From the photo your daughter's hair looks super-fine, and that type of hair needs more moisture and hydration than you think. (she's also quite a cutie BTW). Condition wash her hair with a cheapie like Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut. Condition with a more moisturizing conditioner and leave it it. Rub a soft butter on her ends, and gel with a good Aloe Vera Gel. Keep her dry hair hydrated with a good butter/hairdress type product.

Co-wash - Suave Naturals or Generic Biolage Matrix Hydrating balm
Condition - Mop Top is great (on-line) very moisturizing and detangling and you can leave-in it. They also make Fuzzy Duck for kids, but I've never tried.
A good detangling leave-in is MOP leave-in
Butters/hairdress: Jane Carter Nourish & Shine - ounce for ounce this stuff rocks on wet or dry hair; Qhemet Burdock Root Butter cream (wet or dry); Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment - it's a deep treatment but I use a dab as a hairdress on dry hair - super hydrating; Devacurl Set it Free.

It's okay to co-wash her hair frequently. The more you do it, over time the less you will have to do it. I used to co-wash almost every day. I now wash every 3-5 days.

Aloe based gels - Kinky Curly Curling Custard, Theraneem Aloe vera gel; Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic Jelly.

Castor oil is also good. Add a bit to conditioners, rub a bit on wet ends. Use a little over your gel. It's very versatile and is CG as long as you use just a little

For shampoo I highly recommend Chagrin Valley soaps (not the shampoo bars, although I hear they are good). The soaps are more moisturizing.
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WOW! Thanks, for the warm welcome and the product/styling suggestions. I'm really looking forward to our new, great, HEALTHY hair. I'll definitely keep coming back here for help when I run into any bumps in the road.
You might also want to look up something called "scab hair." The new growth that you have now might not even be your actual texture!

But if you can manage to keep up with relaxed hair for twenty years, then I'm sure you can do this.

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