In the transitioning process. Help!

Hi everyone. Im new to all of this. I have 3b hair and have been having it straighted for 5 years. My last one was in febuary which turned out to be a nightmare. My hair broke off in clumps, and I had a chemical burn on my scalp. I was told to check out the curlygirl book by massey. Since then i have decided to go back natural. I have been having deep conditioning treatments every 5-6 weeks. I can tell my scalp is better and its not breaking off anymore. My concern is how to style it. I usually blow it out straight or let it air dry and scrunch with angell. When I try to wear it curly my roots are super curly and the underneath is trying to curl. But the canopy is lifeless, and the ends dont curl at all. And forget using a curling iron because it doesnt hold the curl. Help! What should i be doing differently. Also I want long hair so should I keep having it trimmed? I only have 2 1/2 inches of regrowth. Do hair vitamins really work?
hi. i have been transitioning for 8 months and although it has been a nightmare it does get better. you just have to be creative and condition,condition condition. first , your ends will never curl. i have been every month getting my hair cut little by little. i now have about 2 more inches of straight ends left. but it is easier to get them to look curly(lots of gel and diffuse the curl into them) so even though you may not want to cut your hair, it does make it easier. there are some girls here with very cute shorter styles.
i also used the "fake" buns.(if you dont want to cut hair) i would gel my hair back put it in a short little pony and put the bun in. it looks really cute.alot of complements.
pulling part of your hair back in clips and things help to. i take my bangs and clip the on bobby pin them up. that is also cute. hair bands, .... all that helps until it is cut out and grown out. good luck.
Thank you. I never thought of using the "bun". I think that would be an easy style to do.
I've been fighting fighting fighting the temptation to blow out/flat iron my hair through this transition. I succumbed once... for a special occasion..but yea, direct heat like that isn't good for your curls. I still have some frizzy spots on my hair line from a dominican blow out months ago that won't revert to my curl pattern.. boo.
And deep conditioning is your friend.
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