Transitioning help

I have stopped using a relaxer for about 4 months now. My hair has always been curly even with a relaxer. However, my problem now is that I have very dry scalp and hair.

Also, I no longer use shampoo with sulfate and have taken out products with silicones. I am a poor college student and alot of the recommended products are way to pricey for me. I am currently using Burt Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit and Beet shampoo with Suave naturals coconut conditioner. Any suggestions for products I should use and the general stuff I should do to my hair while transitioning? I think I am a 3b/3c. Thanks alot!

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Hi. Im in the process of transitioning also (6 months now) From what I have been told, doing conditioning treatments often is great. I have been going to the salon every 5-6 weeks. To save money though i'm going to start doing it at home. Just buy a conditioner and apply it to your hair under heat for 30 mins or so. It will help your scalp and reduce the breakage. I just purchaced the heating cap in curlmart to help with this. Im still searching for answers...

If you get a chance you should read curlygirl by lorraine massey and curl talk by ouidad. These both have been helpful to me. Good luck!
Thanks rockthecurlz, maybe after I finish buying books for school I'll try to buy the curlygurl book.

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