Daily moisturizer mixture

I've been reading about people who use mixtures of leave in conditioner and water (amongst other things) to keep their hair moist on a daily basis. Being as I am totally new to this how is this mixture made? Is it a 50/50 or mostly conditioner or mostly water?

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I'm curious about this too...
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mine is more water, if u put too much conditioner the mix will be white on ur hair. I also add olive oil to my mix as well. In a small spray bottle i probably put 10-20 drops in there.

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Hello, I don't use a leave in but make my conditioning/moisturizing spritz with regular hair conditioner instead.

My mix:

2 tbsp Oil (EVOO or Grapeseed are my choices)
2 tbsp Conditioner (Aubrey Organics)
2 tbsp Vegetable Glycerin
10 - 15 EO Drops (Lavendar, Chamomile, Rosemary)

I mix in either a 8 or 12 oz. spray bottle and use as a leave-in, refresher or styling mist.

I have tweaked it from my original recipe to add aloe vera juice, etc. depending on my mood.

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