Help with going natural?

I flat ironed my hair religiously for two years. A few months ago I decided to go natural. I've been wearing my hair natural and I haven't used heat on it at all for the past three months, but it still hasn't grown at all! Since school has started I do flat iron it, but I only flat iron it once or twice a week, I use a deep conditioner and a heat protecting spray. And every two weeks I get a deep condtioning treatment and a trim every month. So why is my hair not growing?
Do you ever massage your scalp? Maybe try to massage with conditioner or just water when you are in the shower, this is supposed to stimulate growth. Do not use your nails just the pads on your fingertips and try to go in sections.
Also are you taking any vitamins? I have read that prenatal vitamins are supposed to help with hair and nail growth. Also make sure that if you are trying to grow out your hair you are drinking plenty of water as this will allow the new growth to be moisturized.
You can do everyday massages for scalp with coconut oil or some specific which make hair grow faster.

Best way to take suplements is to drink barms...You cut a tea spoon of them, then boiling water, mixing and it's ready to drink! It's a full complex of vitamins from the group B and many minerals. Very healthy!
full CG routine works for my hair!

Sorry for my mistakes in english! This is not my main language. I'm still learning!

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