Mineral Indulgence Hair Products

Anyone ever heard of, or used Mineral Indulgence Products?


From their website: Mineral Indulgence Hair Care Products are created from all natural ingredients that contain essential oils, butters and plant extracts that are well known for their conditioning properties. Research and product analysis have been done to create a special blend of ingredients that when combined work to soften and strengthen dry or unmanageable hair. Synthetic oils such as mineral and petrolatum are never used in our products, due to their unhealthy nature of clogging the pores and causing hair breakage.

I read through the descriptions of every product. I'm sooooo tempted! This sounds like it might be good. If you've used any of the products or have know anything about them please weigh in.
I'm transitioning to natural hair and using Mineral Indulgence products has made that transition MUCH easier. My favorite products are the Herbalaxer, the Napturally Sulfate Free Shampoo, the Shea and Mango Butter Conditioning Mask and the Kiwi Coconut Hair Smoothie (kiwi coconut fragrance is light and smells great). The shampoo detangles my natural hair better than anything I have ever tried before and the Kiwi Coconut Smoothie moisturizes my hair which used to be brittle and dry. I only have to use just a little bit for my hair to be moisturized thoughout the entire week. This took some time though because initally, I only bought the Smoothie and not the other products. I didnt realize that I needed to use the rest of the products in the hair care line and that I needed to continue a regimen in order to see the results faster. Since my sister uses it as well, she gave me this info, which I guess I should have known in the first place. Its a natural based product so it wont work as well if you are using it combination with chemical based products. My sister saw her results almost immediately though because she bought and used the entire product line and nothing else. I have a loose wavy/curl texture...but my baby girl has 3b-4a hair. Since I was transisitioning I didnt want to cut all of my relaxed hair off. My hair reaches down my back and past my bra fastener so I couldnt imagine having to cut it all off! lol...So since I had been hearing so many people going on and on about Mineral Indulgence Herbalaxer product, I purchased it (reluctantly) because it was supposed to not include any of the chemicals that are usually in relaxers and I didnt want my hair to turn out straight. Just detangled and conditioned so I could comb it easier where it meets the relaxed hair. It cost me a little over $50 but IT WORKED! I was shocked because it smelled quite nice, but didnt burn or itch when I applied it. The wonderful thing is that it doesnt straighten hair but instead, makes the curl looser and conditions it so that you can comb it easier. It also stays moisturized longer now so I dont have to use hair greases like I did before. I just keep my hair wrapped at night and it stays moisturized for a couple of days without me having to put more on. I dont even have to go to my beautican as much anymore but when I finally went, she asked me what in the world I had used since she was the one who told me that I would have to cut all of my hair off to get rid of the relaxer....lol...ALL of the stylists were looking at my hair. They couldnt believe it. I bought another kit (one kit lasts for a month) to put on my daughters hair and now for the first time in her life, she can wear here hair down. She had been begging for a relaxer since the other girls in school have one, but she is very happy with how her hair can now lay flatter and still have her natural curl pattern. I am on the Mineral Indulgence newsletter list and I saw that they are coming out with a kids line of products soon. I already signed up for my discount coupons because I will definately be needed them since now my sister wants me to get the products for her girls too. They have allergies so they really need to use products that dont contain toxic chemicals. So in other words...yes...I use Mineral Indulgence and would highly recommend them to someone looking for healthy ingredients for hair and skin care. I am about to purchase the Nu Loc Hair Pudding and the Jojoba Coconut Milk to keep my hair slicked back and soft when I want to wear a high ponytail. I heard that it works well and smells good too. The catch is that none of their products work as well if you dont use them with their other products. Or they are just slower in showing results. I found out about this product line from a natural hair care group where they were going on and on about it. Im glad that I bought it and have been hooked on it every since. The Herbalaxer is on this page http://mineralindulgence.com/Hair_Care_Products.html. Happy Hair! Tatianna

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