Ok... (Heavy sigh, eye roll--this is gonna be a long one.) This morning I had a major meltdown while trying to detangle my hair! I'm 17 weeks post relaxer and today was the first time I've had difficulty combing through my new growth. Now, I wore my hair straight until the first week of August, but since that time I've mostly been doing braidouts. I thought I'd do a slicked-back bun this morning, and I couldn't get my hair to cooperate! The new growth (1.5 inches) is just too unforgiving! I didn't want risk extra breakage at the demarcation line by continuing to struggle with it either. Nothing seemed to work, so needless to say, I'm looking a hot mess today.

Frustrated and unable to work with all this on my mind I briefly perused the NC forum and had an epiphany. On my lunch break I ran to Whole Foods and got 4 oz of each of the following: Castor Oil, Aloe Juice, Avacado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Vegetable Glycerin. I also need a REALLY GOOD deep conditioner/detangler to make this new growth soft and manageable, and they had sample sizes of the Giovanni line on sale. I got the Direct Leave-in and the Moisturizing Deep Condish. I still have my coconut oil and absolutely love it. It can stay!

Here's my new plan... Let me know if I'm crazy or not. I'm going to purchase the Mega-Tek (ordering it today) and mix it with some castor oil. I'll apply it to my scalp daily, or every other day for protein and growth.

I'll deep condition every 3rd day. I'll start with trial size Giovanni, maybe I'll find something else to alternate with it too. Surely I'll run across a super product that ya'll have raved about in one of these threads. Then rinse the DC adn apply the oils seal in moisture. (Any thoughts on which one? I got "oil-happy" in the store and bought each kind)

Then I'll apply a leave-in conditioner (I'll start with the trial size Giovianni and see how my hair likes it) then a light mixture of the Aloe and Glycerine. They're humectants, right? Helps hair maintain moisture?

Then I can either braid, wrap with satin scarf to sleep in, and finger-style in the morning... OR I can pull back into a bun, wrap with scarf to lay down my edges if need be.

I think that's what I'm gonna do... Any advice? Can anyone recommend a super-duper deep treatment or detangler? My new growth is mostly 4a, but thick and coarse too. Nothing soft about it! I want it to be soft and manageable. I'm so glad I decided to transition, I don't want a little setback like this mornining to get in my way of beautiful health hair.

Weigh in, please.