Help please! i want my curly hair back, this is heart breaking!

For a while ive been curling my hair with straighteners becuase the weight of my hair made my curls drop.

and i've just had my hair cut thinking it would bring my curls back, BUT NOW ONE SIDE OF MY HAIR IS JUST FLAT AND STRAIGHT!

its really upsetting me, as people used to come up to me and say how lovely my hair was and they'd go green with envy when i said it was natural!
the only thing about myself i liked was my hair and now it looks like cr*p!

someone please give me some tips on how to get my curly hair back to normal! Ill take ANYTHING! i miss it so much, and it was so easy to manage!

s.t aged 15 xxxx
Well, I know how important hair is to a girl, but it might be helpful to just reevaluate this, get some perspective, maybe. In the end, there are characteristics about you that are much more impressive and meaningful than your hair, so your hair is only ONE of the things you like about yourself.

Now, if you've cut off the hair that could have been damaged from processing or routines you went through, any new hair cannot possibly by affected by your previous routines. So if the hair that is flat is NOT the same hair you straightened or processed, then that hair is just like that, and just as it changed from the curls you used to have, it might change back to the curls. You never know about hair.

If the hair that is bothering you IS the same hair you heat processed, then it might just be damaged, and it might take cutting it off, or a healthier routine to get it to where you want it. A better routine would be nursing that hair back to health, with conditioning, gentle products, and less heat.

If you're still concerned, you might consider going CG, which is usually a much gentler routine for almost any curly compared to the routine they had before. The CG routine has enhanced and brought out curl a lot of girls didn't even know they had, so if you're looking for more curl, try CG.

Give the CG method a month or so, and if you think your hair is still something to worry about (CG doesn't affect everyone the same way), see a curl friendly stylist (other stylists tend to push the straightening and non-CG friendly products, and the cuts usually do better with straight hair). A good stylist in your area can be recommended on this site.

Don't give up, and don't be too upset! Good luck, and keep us updated (we love to hear what's working for you and what's not...we're obsessed with anything curly).
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Hey, same thing happened to me. It's been a year and my curls are finally growing back but there are still a few inches of hair which is wavy/straightish, which I absolutely hate, but nothing can really make that bit of hair curl like it used to. Don't worry though, cos it's more than likely your hair will grow back just as it used to be, as long as you lay off the straightening and keep it healthy.
Going CG has helped my hair look curlier, but it'll still take a while for it to go back to what it used to be.
Really sorry to ask i feel very ignorant but what is the cg treatment exactly?

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