Finding my "place" to hang in the site :)

Hello all!

I am new to this site... been checkin it out for about a week. I am excited about embracing my curls!! I've been fighting them for about 13 years, trying to be "straight". I've gone through phases of curly, and straight, short and long, and I've decided on long curls!!! YAY!! I've read the Curly Girl book and have decided to go no-poo...I've been in about a week now, and my curls are starting to reform (as the blow drying and ironing has taken some of the curl away ... I haven't figured out what type I am yet though?? I think a 2c maybe 3a...I'm black, both of my parents are black, my mom has "kinky" hair, and my fathers is more wavy and fine, I have a mix of the two...It is wavy when wet, definite "s" pattern, lays flat to my scalp (until it dries then... watch out!)when dry its a mix of waves and curls and some straight pieces (ugh), it used to be curly all over but I'm working back up to it I guess. I don't get relaxers, I have relaxed in the past from time to time.. last time over a year ago.. to "tame" my hair some..if that makes sense- I can blow dry and flat iron my hair straight without chemicals (if that helps in understanding texture and things).... any suggestions on my hair type? I've looked at photos on here and with the photos, and descriptions I figured 2c-3aish... PLEASE HELP

My boyfriend isn't too sure about it, I think he likes it straight,he compliments the curls from time to time but he rubbed them and asked when I was going to straighten it this I haven't broken the curly news to him yet! I'm going full speed with it and I LOVE THIS SITE!!! Thinking about visiting one of the curlysalons listed in my area for a trim soon my ends are THREW!!! I had it colored about a year ago and I think it's worn out it's welcome, not to mention that technically I'm I'm thinkin I'll need a BC, cause some of my ends, and the very front of my hair WON'T curl

I'll be around checking out the site out regularly, any comments/ feedback..are welcome... I'll try to put some pictures of it up soon.
You don't necessarily need to BC it. Just clip the dead ends. It sounds like you've got biracial hair. I know you're all black, but that's what it sounds like. You could transition easy by getting rod sets. It would define your curls that are there and help to curl the pieces that are kinda straight. You could try 2-strand twists too.... the flat ones are nice... some sort of style back into a bun... when you take down the twists, your hair will be nice and wavy all over. Look around for some different style techniques here. The girls have great ideas.
I'm luvin' my natural self FIRST!

"And if you don't want to be down with me, you don't want to pick from my appletree."-Erykah Badu

I guess I may have worded it wrong... my hair was past my shoulders and only about 1-2 inches (if that) was straight still... so my "big chop" wouldn't be that "big" I guess lol... but I've had the ends trimmed (and it seems sooooo much shorter!! devastated...) it'll grow back I know, but jeesh! But the bright side is I don't those straight ends anymore

I've tried the two strand twists and the flat ones... I don't know if I need to do something different to them but it looked CRAZY so I'm trying to tweak it still, I'm thinkin I'll try the rod set... (how do you do it??? I think I have an idea but I'm not sure) thanks for the ideas

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