with coils please

I am technically transitioning from relaxed but I wore my hair in sew-ins for so long that most of my hair has reverted to its natural 3c/4a texture...except for the top of my head (the part that was always left out of my weaves). That part is stubbornly straight and looks crazy compared to the rest of my hair. I style my hair with Mixed Chicks Leave in, going section by section and twisting around my finger to make ringlets but I'm having an insanely difficult time with the straight bit on soon as I release the coils they drop right out and at best I end up with some sad-looking waves at on one quarter of my head and fabulous ringlets everywhere else. My hairdresser claims that with time my hair will become curlier as I "train" it but in the meantime I'm so frustrated! I've attached a pic that might make it more clear...not sure if I'm explaining it right.
Any reco's on a product I can use to promote curl in my straight parts??
Thanks in advance!
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I am still transitioning as well and yes your hairdresser is right. I don't think it looks that bad seriously, just do something to the front, style it, pick up with bobby pins or something.
When was your last relaxer? If you have a lot of relaxed hair it wont curl that easily. You probably need some sort of form to help the hair bind to instead of just using your fingers. Do you use heat on the areas you left out? I dont think you can train hair to be curly but you can definitely train it to be straight. Heat trained..basically equals heat damaged. The stands' bonds are broken down making your hair permanently straight or slightly wavy. If thats the case make sure you give those spots lots of moisture and balance it out with protein. Anyway, your hair doesnt look bad at all. It looks cute to me.

*flexirods can get that look you're looking for on the parts that dont want to cooperate with ya
transition - 12.07 - 3.09 (15 mos)
length: medium
hairy type: diff types.

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My last relaxer was years long I don't even remember but it's been at least three years. When I had my sew-ins I used heat on that section every day so clearly it has been trained to be straight. I'm going to take your advice about moisture/protein (as soon as I figure out the ideal balance lol) and look out for flexirods, which I think might do the trick. Thanks so much!

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