transitioning with a bun

I have been transitioning for almost 5 months. I have been doing braidouts since I started transitioning. It is becoming a rougher now and my hair recently has suffered from some breakage. I want to now start bunning my hair. Has anyone on here transitioned wearing a bun at 5 months post relaxer? If so, how did you do the bun and how did you maintain it?
the best way to do a bun with so much new growth is to do it wet.

1. Detangle hair
2. moisturize hair in sections to help prevent more breakage
3. use a soft bristle brush to manupulate hair into ponytail
4. use a shea butter or whatever product you plan on using to smooth down the flyaways
5. use bobby pins to tuck the ends of hair under forming your bun
7. before you tie your hair up the next night glide a moisturizer over that top layer of hair to keep it moist and in shape. you can do this too before you leave the house.

I can usually get about 4-5 days out of my buns. You may have to repin it to keep the bun part neat but it won't look terrible.

for a moisturizer i use a homemade concoction of shea butter, evoo, coconut oil, and honey. it works great and isn't extra oily or greasy, and it leaves my hair really really shiney.

Good luck!!

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i bun 24/7

after i cowash or wash, i moisturize and seal my hair. then i pull in back into a ponytail using my conair brush and gel. i bun the ponytail and wrap a scarf around my head so it will lay flat. then i put a bonnet on my head to cover the rest of the hair. i keep it in for 3 days (my next cowash or wash). to maintain it i spray the bun with diluted conditioner morning and night. i add a little bit more moisturizer and gel to my head every night (just enough to keep it neat). oh i am 37 weeks most (8+ months)
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I've been transitioning with Bantu knots for the past 3 months now, but I recently tried the bun and I absolutely love it. Only thing is I'm having issues with getting my hair smooth enough for the ponytail and also getting my edges to lay down. I tend to have a bump on around the area where the ponytail is gathered from all my new growth and my edges are still a little frizzy even after spraying and put gel around the edges and tied down. Does anyone have any advice on getting a nice looking bun?

This is how I'm transitioning as well.

I start with a good conditioner and comb my hair back while in the shower. This way you don't have so much detangling when you're done. When I get out, I add Giovanni Direct Leave-in (which is so conditioning and blasts away tangles) and layer my shea butter mixture (Shea and Castor oil) on top. I twist the hair into a secure bun and I leave it that way for 4 days -to- a week.

I'm planing a long-term transition and this has been amazingly helpful!

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I have been transitioning for just over 9 months now and have been wearing buns and braidouts throughout the entire journey. My favorite style is a braidout bun. Just like it sounds, I just braid my hair in two cornrows going back and when I take it out I put it in a bun! I like it because I don't have to worry about blending the two textures or neatness of the bun.

Here's a pic. It's not one of my best but it's the only pic I've taken of my braidout bun. HTH

ETA: I just re-read your post and realized that you have already been doing braidouts and have suffered some breakage. Since my bun involves a braidout, it might not be so much help. On the other hand, I am able to leave my hair like this for a few days because, once again, I don't have to worry about neatness so there is less manipulation. Well Good Luck!!!
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I have been transitioning by doing a bun daily and i am currently 9 months post, because i have so much new growth I just do it on wash day in the shower while my hair is wet with conditioner in it, thats the only way i would be able to get my hair in a bun, and it pretty much stays that way for the rest of the week i only take it down to to smooth it with a brush for the rest of the week. But you have to be careful and not tie the hair tie too tight and make sure you put your bun on different spots of your head dont keep on doing it in the same area every time.
I use buns too, they are really quick and easy to do...and can be quite varied.. I prefer messy buns I don't know why though?

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