What the HIZZLE?! Sister Locs?

Would someone please tell me what in the world sister locs are?! How do they do them? Can you take them out?! Idk...

Thanks Y'all!!

all i know is that they are really skinny dredlocks. and no, you have to cut them out
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Would someone please tell me what in the world sister locs are?! How do they do them? Can you take them out?! Idk...

Thanks Y'all!!

Originally Posted by vmocha

i think sisterlocs are another way of saying "dreads"
and once dreads lock up its very very hard to take them aloose

well my cuz has dreads and i was there wen he first got them..basicall all u need is lock up gel[or w.e] and a comb..and just part them in the size u desire and twist dem with the comb
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Sisterlocs are a certain type of locs. They are really small in size and are done by a specific procedure.

Here is a gallery full of them.

I dunno.. there is just something about them that I don't care for... can't put my finger on it though
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Thanks GALS!!! I was clueless and everyone wants to be incognito about the entire operation...LOL
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Sisterlocs are really tiny dreadlocs, kind of like the micro version of singles braids. I did my mom's hair in them a few years ago. They're really hard to get out once they loc but it can be done. When you first start them you can't wash you hair frequently otherwise you're just reversing the process. If you want to know how to do them let me know or you can google how to...Good luck
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They're also a little more high matienance(SP?) than regular locs.

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Sisterlocks are a more maintained form of dredlocks. Sisterlocks can be as small as hair.

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Check out this girl's sister loc journey. Her hair looks really good....


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I know! Yesterday, I asked this lady at my school about her hair: "Are those really small twists or dreadlocks?" She corrected me and was like "No, they're sister locks!" I'm like okay...call 'em whatever you wanna. They are cute but she said they can't be undone. They are basically just like, super small locks.

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I hear a lot of people say they can't be undone, but I know a lady that did undo hers. She said that it took 2-3 days and she lost a ton of hair, but she got them out.

I know they are quite pricey to install, as well as to maintain. I think they are cute though.

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