Ok Guys... I'm getting a little frustrated

Okay everyone, I am currently in month #3 of transitioning. At first I was doing wash and goes, but I didn't want to keep going outside with wet hair, especially in December. So, I bought a hooded hair dryer and I wanted to try to do my own roller sets. The first couple came out okay, but lately it seems like NOTHING is working right with my hair. My hair seems so dry regardless of the cowashing, deep conditioning. I can't get my hair to stop being so frizzy and dry. I've tried different products, leave- in conditioners, shea butter, everything that I could think of. The only thing that my hair partially likes is aloe, but it's still not enough so my hair won't look and be so dry and frizzy. I'm currently trying braid outs and I think that they would be great, if my hair wasn't so dry and frizzy. Sooo, all that said, I'm coming to you guys for help! What can I do to get rid of the dry frizzy hair. I have about an inch of new growth. My natural hair absolutely loves aloe gel, but it doesn't really do much for the relaxed ends. I'm open to any suggestions!!! Thanks so much!!!!
there is alot of mosture in the air..i flat ironed my hair for the first time in a month[lol]..and soon when i stepped outside it went POOF!

have u tryed conditioners dat say for "extra dry hair"
or just put ur hair in a bun so dat it wont get frizzy

i use to try this it worked really good..leave ur hair shiny and silky also..

last perm-june 2008

BC- dec 31,08/jan 1!
whoop! finally all natural!

hairtype-mostly 4a but a bit 3c also

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I know I am trying to stay away from using a lot products. My hair was having those exact same issues. So I used so olive oil, yeah the cooking kind.

The first time I used too much... Came out shiny and soft though LOL

I just use three half palms of it on wet hair!
A good treatment I use (though I'm not transitioning) that has worked for my extremely dry hair is an overnight treatment of avocado + shea butter.

If your hair is very thick - put your hair into damp braids. Otherwise just comb the following mixture through lightly wet hair:

1. Mash equal parts of [use a blender preferably] a ripe avocado or mango and shea butter. You may want even to add a little bit of aloe since it works well. It should be a little bit thicker than toothpaste.
* Be Warned: Avocado Stains light colored cothing.

2. Cover your hair well with plastic wrap & satin scarf (though I just do it with a satin scarf) and go to bed.

When you wake up in the morning, rinse out the mixture well and finish with a light shampoo. I consider this to be a Deep Condit. Treat. My hair has been doing so well since I started this combination.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for all your suggestions! I tried a little bit of everything that everyone suggested and I realized that I was using the right products, I just wasn't using enough. The Garnier Leave in is great, along with a little shea butter and aloe vera, everything is going smoothly. I would be in big trouble if it wasn't for this website! Thanks so much!!

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