How should I treat my hair?

Hey all! On New Years, I will be getting my shoulder length hair cut to about 2-3 inches. I am 8 weeks post-relaxer and have 1-2 inches of underprocessed/texturized hair (this does not include any growth from the 8 weeks). I will be "officially" transitioning once I get a hair cut.

My plan is to trim as my hair grows and I should have 3+ inches of natural hair by May/June (that will be when my transition is "officially" complete although if I get impatient enough I'll get it all trimmed off).

Once my hair is cut on Jan. 1, I will focus on co-washing and adding lots of moisture. I will not use any heat and will probably style my hair in tiny bantu knot outs. Since majority of my hair will be texlaxed but I will/do have new growth under it, should I treat it as natural as far as the hair regimen goes?

My relaxed hair seems healthier when I use products meant for curly hair. The curly part doesn't do as well with the products I used to use for relaxed hair. I hope that makes sense...
Basically my regimen is based on the needs of my natural hair, since that's what I'm aiming for: healthy naturally curly hair.
Last relaxer: Feb. 2008
Big Chop:
Jan. 2009

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