I need a transitioning buddy... Or just a little bit of moral support:)

Hey guys! I am currently in my 4 month of transitioning and I am getting a little bit frustrated. I have been surviving on braid-outs and the occasional rollerset. I started out with a short bob hair cut, so now after the new growth and a trim, the back of my hair is completely natural. I have a good amount of new growth, but I have NEVER had short hair. My original plan was to transition until my birthday in September, but every day is getting harder and harder. Should I just go ahead and BC? Has anyone out there BC'ed after 4 months of transitioning? Or should I just try to stick it out 8 more months? I just need a little advice. None of my friends or family have natural hair, so this is the place that I turn for all my advice. My boyfriend is the most supportive one, but the only advice he offers is "Do what makes you happy". I don't know what to do!!! HELP!!
You are more than welcome to join our buddy group.Check out the thread "need a transition buddy" started by me, Tedra. We are all at different stages, but we are there for one another.
I am on week 11 post relaxer. I know all to well what you mean about frustation!! My hair is a mess!! I have not applied any heat to my hair, so it's even harder for me. I wash, pull back into a ponytail and go. I think I'm going to BC this weekend, I just can't take it anymore.
It's good that your BF is supporting you. So if you think you're ready, I say go for it. HTH
Failure is NEVER an option!

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