Hi all,thougt I would introduce myself as ive been lurking around here for a few days!! I was actually hunting around the internet recently lookin for a new relaxer. Was dreading relaxing though cos its so time consuming>Ive been relaxing for almost 20 years now but lately my hair has begun falling and my hair doesnt actually look that healthy no nore. I stumbled across a site called and convinced myself to try going natural. I say try as I remember the battles I had with my hair in my teens,the tears and tantrums so I know its not gonna be easy! But my poor hair needs a break so im gonna try and stick at it!I was just wondering how to start treating my hair...I guess im a 3/c but im not sure how often i should be washing,what products to use and when?

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A first step might be to look into treating your hair with the Curly Girl method, which many members here use:

When I started transitioning this really helped out my hair, even though it was all relaxed, because I stopped the cycle of drying it out every time I washed with sulfate shampoo. It's all about keeping your hair moisturized (lots of deep conditioning), out of the way with protective styling, and just generally in a happy, growing state. Then eventually when you decide you have enough new growth, you could chop off the relaxed ends and voila! you're naturally curly!

I'm still trying to figure out my routine since I just chopped, but check out all the other threads where people have posted products they recommend, styles, etc.

Good luck!
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