Need Help From All My Fellow CurlyGirls =]

So I'm not transitioning like from relaxer to natural, but I'm trying to wean myself off of straightening with the flat iron. I haven't been doing it as much, and I found that my hair has gone from curly and bouncy to barely wavy, like my curl pattern is DEAD. Is there anything I can do to get my curls back??
Same here, jersey24. My only difference is that I still have curls in the back but the front of my hair is Bone-Straight. I'm no expert, but it could be heat damage(That's my problem). What do others think?
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If you've been a regular flat-ironer/straightener then it very well could be heat damage. This is similar to having a relaxer in that you most likely won't be able to nurture the hair back into its original curl pattern (or maybe you could - try a good deep condition treatment!). So you could either grow out your hair or chop.
This is why I am unnaturally fearful of blow-dryers and flat-irons. Rollersetting has been my favorite straightening alternative.
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You didn't mention how often you have been flat ironing but based on what you described it seems as though you may have heat damage. I'm not sure if there is any way to fix it once it's damaged. From what I've seen on YOUtube and read on NC most girls end up cutting off the damaged section at some point. Only advice I can tell ya is maybe try some deep conditioning, avoid flat ironing for a while, and look at finding another transitioning style.

Hope this helps
It probably is heat damage. I've been flat ironing about twice a month for the past couple of years. I always condition, deep condition about once a month, and use a protectant when straightening, but I guess that isn't enough? The first 8 or so inches of my hair is getting a little bit curlier since I stopped a few weeks ago, but the rest isn't as curly ( my hair reaches between my shoulder blades straight). I guess I'll just keep deep conditioning and see where it goes. Can you reccomend any products or tell me about what you guys do for your hair?
I went through, or am going through that process right now. Every winter I'd go through a flat ironing phase for about 5 to 6 months...just non stop straigtening. This year I think my hair was just fed up with all the heat...and I also think the new stylist I tried this year took it to the max by first blowdrying my hair straight...then pulling from roots to end with a combed straigtner...THEN going over it again with a super dupper hot flat iron!

So fast forward to the start of the summer where all I wanted to to wear were wash and go's and let my hair do what it was typically used to doing...well nothing happend and today I'm having to grow out pretty much all of my hair. It was SEVERELY damaged. Two weeks ago I gave myself a trim and took off another two inches, so I'm doing it gradually...

I think it all depends on the texture of your hair along with the technique you're using while straigtening your hair. I have quite thick hair and a lot of, so I was soooo surprised when my hair remained bone straight.

Hope this helps

Yeah sadly it sounds like heat damage. You shoud talk to a poster on here called empressri. She had some curl loss from heat damage. I love her fotki.

She also has a youtube channel:

Here's more info on heat damage:

So from things I have heard, heat damage may be permanent. Sadly, your curl pattern on that hair may be beyond repair. BUT before you give up all hope I would try deep conditioning regularly (which you already do) and try protein treatments. Also I would def. stop blow drying, ironing, using heat caps and just baby your hair. Aphogee 2 step is one protein treatment. Some people have seen their hair pop back from these things+time. Best of luck. Eventually if it doesn not come back you may have to do a BC if you are serious about no more straightening. This is becuase it's two different textures so it will get tangly and be the same as transitioning from a relaxer.
thanks so much KinkyKeeper, these were sooo helpful.
what's another protein treatment you'd reccomend?
Hello. I'm new to the site, but I really need advice. My hair is about a 3c and I straighten it about every 2 weeks. My hair is very slow growing because of this (it's a little bit past my shoulders when straightened) and I was at my wits end wondering what I could do to help it to grow longer and more healthy. Until one day I came across a site called This site features a woman by the name of Teri who struggled for almost 30 years over her hair. Her hair is curly and is about 28 inches long when curly. It was at that moment that I said that I wanted my hair to be like that so I've decided that this summer I was going to stop flatironing my hair. But I need advice on how to deal with it because this will be my first time wearing my hair natural. And some growth tips if any. Please help me. (and by the way, good for you jersey24, for weaning off of the straightener!)
So update,

I've been doing dt's every three days and cowashing and such, and my hair has gone from barely wavy to a 2c-ish curl (i'm naturally a 3b with some 3c thrown in) Good sign? Is my hair salvagable? And came someone reccomend more protein treatments?
that's good! If you went from barely any curl at all to some kind of curl that's really good. I would just keep doing what you're doing and do some protein treatments and maybe some deep conditioning and your hair should come out beautifully!

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